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  1. what software you used to convert .tiff format?
  2. Anyone still using ArcPad?

    Its been a long time after Juno trimble SC. Now I'm using Garmin.
  3. regarding maps

    @vani 1. You mean overlaying? 2. yes, if they have the same projection. 3. Sieve mapping is another way of merging different layers of map. 4. Can you be more specific?
  4. Have you tried Open street map. Some of your questions will be answered there. regards jonah
  5. PDF to Text :

    This is the best application so far I've been using. Just try. https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/12976289/Able2Extract_PDF_Converter_10.0.5.0___Crack_[4realtorrentz]
  6. Forum Error, please post here

    I get lost. nice upgrade.
  7. Global Mapper Mobile Available for iOS Now

    Nice news indeed! I hope the android version wil come out soon. Anxiously waiting to install in my phone. A good substitute while waiting for the juniper archer to be realized.
  8. Mabuhay from the Philippines!

    Kababayan, Taga saan ka?
  9. Collecting high resolution spatial data for use in biological research used to require the purchase and use of a dedicated GPS receiver. However, almost all modern smart phones contain GPS receivers, and by downloading and installing a suitable app, you can turn your smart phone into a fully functioning GPS receiver. This video shows you how to download, install and set up one such app, GPS Essentials, on an Android smart phone. While this is the GPS app that we, at GIS In Ecology, currently recommend, many other similar apps are available, but all will need to be set up in a similar manner. Subsequent videos in this series willl show you how to record spatial information using this app, and also how to ensure that your smart phone is set to collect high-resolution spatial data. This video is presented by Dr Colin D. MacLeod, author of ‘GIS For Biologists: A Practical Introduction For Undergraduates’, and is brought to you by GIS In Ecology (www.GISinEcology.com), the world leader in providing GIS training for biologists by biologists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0X_Fnd9DlY tested in my phone
  10. How to add Google Maps into Arc Map

    Hello all! Does anyone try this? If so, please make a comment. Tnx
  11. Map This Way Android mapping application

    and how much does it costs to us?
  12. Ïf u don't mind, how much is the price of this awesome UAVs?
  13. Android app for viewing shapefiles

    @ Bruce: Which SuperSurv are you talking about? SuperSurve Lite? SuperSurv M3 Lite? Coz the other 2 are not free... SuperGIS Webminar: SuperGIS Webinar - Predicting the Future of Forests with SuperGIS Solutions
  14. Applications of GIS in Civil Engineering

    This is what they always ask me if GIS really is related to engineering works. Seems the other country is interested in hiring civil engineers with strong background of GIS. Thanks for sharing the information. Any books related to this would be much more appreciated. Regards

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