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  1. Hi guys. I'm newbie here in the forum and hopefully I'm posting it in the right section. Well, I am developing a map of a city to serve a tourist guide in a hostel. I've encountered a few issues while doing it, specially because i've never done it before. I must be able to choose and insert in my map only touristic spots I find to be relevant for the guests in my hostel and that is why the maps provided by Openstreetmap and Google maps are not worth to me, they are always provided with a lot of irrelevant spots. What I basically need is: a) an online service or software that will allow me to start mapping from sketch in a map clean from all touristic spots and containing only the basic info of a map as names of streets and neighborhoods. b)) the service or software should be able to locate all the spots that I have chosen to my map and then add these spots connecting one to another by the proper streets. c) I should be able to download the map in a vector format or in any other format that could be converted to a vector afterwards. Any help will be of great value, thanks so much! Appreciate it !
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