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  1. Hi, If I have coordinate/ boundaries information how can I create a layer for particular area with the given coordinates??
  2. Hi, I want to highlight some coalitions of Louisiana state. For this we need coordinates information of coalitions. How can I get that information?? I know this is not the part of boundless exchange. But it would be helpful if I can get any help on this..
  3. Hi, How to identify boundaries of regions in Louisiana??? and I want those details in excel sheets. Is it possible???
  4. Hi, Actually I created a map in boundless exchange. It is about availability of hospitals in different regions of Louisiana. But I need schematic display of regions on base map and system should provide different colors on base layer such as red color for region 1 , green color for region 2 etc., Can any one help on this??
  5. Hi, I created a map in boundless exchange. Now I want to publish that map into my local server (Linux server). Is it possible??? Thank you, Vani.
  6. Hi, I would like to publish the boundless exchange map into our server, can anyone help on this. Thank you, Vani.
  7. Hi, I exported excel data to the boundless exchange and I created a map using layers. Now, I need two filters one for regions and other for facility type. If I select both the filters, that filtered data must be able to project on the map. Is it possible to do on maps???
  8. Hi, Can we merge two layers or maps???
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