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  4. true, Huawei already lead in their enterprise business, for example the first 5G implementation if they can make this Hongmeng a.k.a Harmony OS success, then they sure will be another titan in mobile business
  5. You can check reclass option in SA, there get many different form to reclassify .
  6. I am back from death Need access to software section. Thanks a lot
  7. Is it possible to reclassify the distance values in the original raster (shown below) based on the graph below (also shown below) inside ArcGIS 10.6?
  8. if they do pull it off then they would be the third Titan in the mobile market, something Microsoft mobile failed miserably
  9. yes, the hardest part is build apps ecosystem for developers, make all the developers interesting with this new OS and build apps for it
  10. Now the question is, how will they lure app developers to port their software to HarmonyOS. whoever controls the App Market controls the Mobile Market.
  11. This is the real challenges for Huawei how to convince their user to use this new operating system. But nothing is impossible...
  12. Huawei Business Group CEO Richard Yu announced the tech giant’s newest operating system HarmonyOS during the Huawei Developers’ Conference in Dongguan, China. According to reports, the microkernel-based distributed operating system is set to launch later this 2019 for smart screen products such as TVs, smart watches and in-vehicle infotaiment systems. As the company seeks to lessen its dependence on American businesses, Huawei plans to expand HarmonyOS’ coverage in the next three years to smartphones and other devices. During the conference, Yu claimed that HarmonyOS is “more powerful and secure than Android,” adding that its IPC performance is five times better than Google Fuchsia’s and that its microkernel has “one-thousandth the amount of code in the Linux kernel.” “A modularized HarmonyOS can be nested to adapt flexibly to any device to create a seamless cross-device experience. Developed via the distributed capability kit, it builds the foundation of a shared developer ecosystem,” Huawei mentioned in a statement, revealing that it began exploring the idea of its own operating system a decade ago. Although Huawei will continue to use Android for their devices, HarmonyOS will serve as a fallback in case of emergencies. “We will prioritize Android for smartphones, but if we can’t use Android, we will be able to install HarmonyOS quickly,” Yu said. source: https://hypebeast.com/2019/8/huawei-unveils-harmonyos-richard-yu
  13. Check my latest fixes (updated 13th August 2019) - http://www.mediafire.com/file/61joa3j8u4e51ii/list.txt

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  16. sorry for the delay, now fixed
  17. Dear Moderator, I would be more active from now on. Can I please get access to software and ebooks section. I'll try to become active member Thanks
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  19. Been so long I see the software section is gone. Is there anyway to get access now? Thanks
  20. Hi guys. Just wanna know if Chatbox is working? I keep on getting a spinning kinda wheel?
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    Data Podes

    Bagaimana caranya saya bisa mendaptkan PODES 2018?
  23. mohon maaf, bahaimana caranya saya bisa mendapatkan data podes 2018? terima kasih

  24. Greetings DarkSaberSan Friend,

    Thank you very much for all the contributions,
    Your help is very important to our GIS community.
    Hugs from Brazil


  25. SASP LANET 2019 http://www.sasgis.org/download/
  26. Dear Moderator, I am back. Need access to software section. I'll try to become active member. Thanks Before.
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