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  2. just found this interesting articles on Agisoft forum : source: https://www.agisoft.com/forum/index.php?topic=7851.0
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  4. I have bunch of Yahoogroups , some related on GIS, Remote Sensing, astronomy, and etc, Yahoo announced that all Yahoo Groups will be shut down on Monday, October 21st, and all Groups content will be removed on December 14th. After October 21st, users will no longer be able to upload new content to groups, but it will still remain on the network. On December 14th, the following types of content will be removed from Yahoo Groups: Files Polls Links Photos Folders Calendar Database Attachments Conversations Email Updates Message Digest Message History Going forward, Yahoo Groups will become harder to join as any currently public group will now be restricted or private. They can still be found in a search, but users will have to submit a request to join them. In order to save content from a group before it’s removed, simply sign in to your Yahoo account and download the files directly from your group’s page. First you’ll have to request the data, then Yahoo will send an email when it’s ready for download. source: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/yahoo-to-shut-down-all-yahoo-groups-on-october-21st/330695/#close
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  7. means how many GB/TB and what is your PC's configuration???
  8. The data is huge and covers an area of 115 km2, thanks
  9. You could try it with SAGA GIS. The program is open source, very efficient and runs as a GUI, command line, through API calls, or even through an Arc Toolbox. I’ve had great success with it. SAGA - System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses https://sourceforge.net/projects/saga-gis/ Module: Import LAS Files http://www.saga-gis.org/saga_tool_doc/2.1.4/io_shapes_las_1.html Library: Spline Interpolation http:// http://www.saga-gis.org/saga_tool_doc/2.1.3/grid_spline.html
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  11. mohon informasi sumber datanya.
  12. Friend's, does anyone use or know a software or methodology where tree canopies can be extracted and a dot representing the tree placed in the canopy centre from high resolution raster images? This can be done interactively or automatically. Here is an example using R but when the data is big, it crashes and a solution could not be found. Any help to achieve a result like this would be really appreciated. Many thanks in advance Imiltopnem
  13. The first thing to do before mapping is to set up the camera parameters. Before to set up camera parameters, recommended resetting the all parameters on camera first. To set camera parameters manually need to set to manual mode. Image quality: Extra fine Shutter speed: to remove blur from photo shutter speed should be set for higher value. 1200–1600 is recommended. Higher the shutter speed reduce image quality . if there is blur in the image increase shutter speed ISO: lower the ISO higher image quality. ISO between 160–300 is recommended. if there is no blur but image quality is low, reduce ISO. Focus: Recommended to set the focus manually on the ground before a flight. Direct camera to an object which is far, and slightly increase the focus, you will see on camera screen that image sharpness changes by changing the value. Set the image sharpness at highest. (slide the slider close to infinity point on the screen you will see the how image sharpness changes by sliding) White balance: recommended to set to auto. On surveying mission Sidelap, Overlap, Buffer have to be set higher to get better quality surveying result. First set the RESOLUTION which you would like to get for your surveying project. When you change resolution it changes flight altitude and also effects the coverage in a single flight. Overlap: 70% This will increase the number of photos taken during each flight line. The camera should be capable to capture faster. Sidelap: recommended 70% Flying with higher side-lap between each line of the flight is a way to get more matches in the imagery, but it also reduces the coverage in a single flight Buffer: 12% Buffer increases the flight plane to get more images from borders. It will improve the quality of the map source: https://dronee.aero/blogs/dronee-pilot-blog/few-things-to-set-correctly-to-get-high-quality-surveying-results
  14. Perhaps help if use Globalmapper have and LIDAR module and can split subset from you data or make other geoprocessing analysis.
  15. I had never process lidar data, but worth to try QGIS as it is also provide LAStools, similarly to arcgis lastool. It also provide las data conversion to shp and vice versa. You might be want to check this site for references: lidar
  16. Hello! I am working with a project that involves LiDAR and I have run into an issue I need help with. I have my LiDAR data in a LAS file and want to do a spline interpolation on it. But to do that I need to covert the LAS data to a shapefile (points) or am I wrong? I have tried to use LAS to multipoint but the program cant run it it just fails (error 9999). Am I missing something or what am I doing wrong? Do you have any advise in a diffrent method or something? I am using Arc Map (10.1). (If my english is bad I apologize, I am not from a english speaking country)
  17. Good day! Please, need access to software section. Could you make me a full member again? Thx a lot
  18. Look forward to play mario and legend of zelda on those device 😁
  19. SELECT *, st_buffer(geom,50) as geom INTO gis_osm_pois_buf FROM gis_osm_pois; add * in your query to include all your fields. As your new geom field is came from the st_buffer named it a geom/geometry/the_geom or as you prefer.
  20. i just saw this on the news, nice design
  21. It's 'techtober' again. Microsoft unveiled a lot of new devices yesterday. A refreshed lineup with Surface Laptop and 2-in-1 with usb-c, a new wireless earbuds and two dual-screen devices. One of them is a tablet (Surface Neo) and another is a phone (Surface Duo). This also has a new version of Windows - Windows 10x. This is called Surface Neo. This is Surface Duo. I particularly like this because this is probably the best implementation of dual-screen in smartphone until today. It runs a customised version of Android. These two are available later next year. MICROSOFT SURFACE NEO FIRST LOOK: THE FUTURE OF WINDOWS 10X IS DUAL-SCREEN A FIRST LOOK AT SURFACE DUO, MICROSOFT’S FOLDABLE ANDROID PHONE
  22. OK, thanks. I will have look to it. Today, I am also facing another issue. When running my buffer over my points, I am loosing all columns in my table. Here is my query: SELECT st_buffer(geom, 50) INTO gis_osm_pois_buf FROM gis_osm_pois; Is there any way to keep them into the new table ? Thanks !
  23. Hi guys, I have the most stupid question for you. From one layer with thousand of points and I have generated buffers. The thing is that I would like to select only the ones that didn't touch or intersect each other. https://imgur.com/a/QtCCD0V Postgis query would be great or any other solution. Thanks in advance for your help
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