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  2. Can anyone suggest complete steps to install geoserver on Google Cloud
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  4. Gercepp Om...aje gile 140 Gb tapi lebih baik begitu Om jaga-jaga
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  6. Hi all,

    Yes I'm still here, thanks for your queries. Please check back here in my profile often for all latest updates, the moderator has prevented me from making updates to the location where I usually post my updates for you to see.

    Some big changes coming soon...


  7. iya , disayangkan kalo infrastruktur web e tidak mendukung sharing e dengan baik, kadang down kadan gup makanya semua DEM e dah saya sedot semua, mayan 140 GB ehehehehe, jaga2 kalo situs e nyungsep
  8. There are tools now that can be 'connected' to qgis - landviewer or sentinel hub for example. It's much less trouble than converting file formats, etc. You can have your image 'delivered' from landviewer to qgis (or another software you're using) with the help of WMS, and here's a tutorial:
  9. DEM Nasional dibangun dari beberapa sumber data meliputi data IFSAR (resolusi 5m), TERRASAR-X (resolusi 5m) dan ALOS PALSAR (resolusi 11.25m), dengan menambahkan data Masspoint hasil stereo-plotting. Resolusi spasial DEMNAS adalah 0.27-arcsecond, dengan menggunakan datum vertikal EGM2008 Batimetri Nasional dibentuk dari hasil inversi data gravity anomaly hasil pengolahan data almetri dengan menambahkan data pemeruman (sounding) yang dilakukan oleh BIG, NGDC, BODC, BPPT, LIPI, P3GL dan lembaga lainnya dengan survei single maupun multibeam. Resolusi spasial data BATNAS adalah 6arc-second dengan menggunakan datum MSL. Link : http://tides.big.go.id/DEMNAS/ klik pada menu kanan atas, pilih pulau yang ingin di download, nanti tampilan pulau dengan sheet DEM akan muncul, pilih sheet DEM yang diinginkan dan klik link biru yang muncul.
  10. Very cool...great share. I read somewhere that Bogor, Java gets the most lightning strikes per year than any other place in the world...not sure if still true or not.
  11. Hello, I am trying to understand why you would multiple spectral wavelength values against Landsat 8's Average Relative Spectral Response. It does give you a curved graph instead of linear.
  12. a buffer is optional to omit dangling node, but the important part is Vector > Geometry Tools > Lines to polygons for topology error you could use v.clean tool in qgis, on GRASS plugin https://grass.osgeo.org/grass70/manuals/v.clean.html
  13. That buffer approach is not what I had in mind, but if I don't find exactly what I want I will try it. Thanks Anyway.
  14. already discuss here :
  15. So, I took a few remote sensing courses in college, loved it, and then didn't get to use it. I'm pretty rusty and am getting back into remote sensing with an ArcGIS student licence I have leftover from school. My question is can I, and if so HOW, calculate the number of trees in a plot using ArcGIS? Could I calculate volume based on canopy size? Would this be better tackled in ENVI? I'd like to try to use what I have though, especially since it's free and I can't afford ENVI. :-P
  16. how bout this : https://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/30765/create-polygon-layer-from-polyline-layer Google is your friend
  17. Does anybody know how to do the equivalent to ArcGIS function Feature to Polygon in an Open Souce free software? Like QGIS, although I haven't found how to do that in QGIS. The ArcGIS function is this one: http://desktop.arcgis.com/en/arcmap/10.3/tools/data-management-toolbox/feature-to-polygon.htm Thanks
  18. Hi everyone..anybody knows the link to download the "e cognition" software..??..fully cracked please..😁😁 Thanks anyway..
  19. 3dbu, any luck with the platform? If you have any questions, please ask. Negative feedback also matters.
  20. Keep trying... I also got my License key... Thanks a lot!
  21. You can start exploring the platform at https://eos.com/platform There will be 4 tools to choose, I suggest starting from LandViewer. You can use it to find imagery for your Area of Interest, then save it to EOS Storage, and proceed from there to EOS Processing for advanced analysis.
  22. Interesting and try it , regards .
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