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    SWOT Water Level Data quality

    By oz1,
    Is anyone finding problems with the 30m gridded water level data.  I am seeing large smears of incorrect or null data at right angles to the satellite track? The values look like some kind of instrument or processing failure and occur in more or less the same locations in every acquisition I have downloaded although the actual values do vary..  I haven't seen any mention of this problem in the literature so far.

    GenAI is coming to ArcGIS Pro

    By rahmansunbeam,
    Generative AI and 'text to GIS' are coming to ArcGIS Pro. GenAI is coming to replace most of the small-scale and basic analysis tasks, probably within 2-3 years. Here is a video of ArcGIS ecosystem using GenAI Assistant. https://mediaspace.esri.com/media/t/1_opret32t https://highearthorbit.com/articles/announcing-ai-assistants-for-arcgis/ And here is an updated roadmap for ArcGIS Pro - https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-pro-documents/arcgis-pro-roadmap-may-2024/ta-p/1419528

    Researchers build high-resolution lidar with lowest-power laser

    By Lurker,
    Researchers at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) have developed a compact and lightweight single-photon LiDAR system that can be deployed in the air to generate high-resolution three-dimensional images with a low-power laser. The technology could be used for terrain mapping, environmental monitoring, and object identification, according to a press release.  LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection And Ranging, is extensively used to determine geospatial informatio

    Lyzenga Algorithm for Shallow Water Mapping

    By Agha,
    Hello folks! I am trying to use the Lyzenga Algorithm for estimating the depth of water in shallower areas, probably depths under 8-10 meters of lakes. First of all, how accurate is this algorithm in practice? Secondly, lets say i have the band values. can someone explain me how to retrieve those depths? I am following the "Lyzenga Algorithm for Shallow Water Mapping Using Multispectral Sentinel-2 Imageries in Gili Noko Waters" paper, but there are 3 steps of getting NDWIs, NDCIs a

    The Transformative Impact of GIS Mapping in Humanitarian Assistance

    By IRES,
    Understanding GIS Mapping GIS Mapping is a technology and process used to capture, store, analyze, manage, and visualize geographic or spatial data. It combines geographical information such as locations and terrain features, with various types of data like environmental, social, economic, and demographic information, to create detailed and layered maps. These maps are powerful tools for understanding and interpreting spatial relationships, patterns, and trends.   Components of GI

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