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    TinyVQA, a compact multimodal visual question

    By Lurker,
    Multimodal machine learning models have been surging in popularity, marking a significant evolution in artificial intelligence (AI) research and development. These models, capable of processing and integrating data from multiple modalities such as text, images, and audio, are of great importance due to their ability to tackle complex real-world problems that traditional unimodal models struggle with. The fusion of diverse data types enables these models to extract richer insights, enhance decisi

    AI Generates 3D City Maps From Single Radar Images

    By Lurker,
    A new machine learning system can create height maps of urban environments from a single synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image, potentially accelerating disaster planning and response. Aerospace engineers at the University of the Bundeswehr in Munich claim their SAR2Height framework is the first to provide complete—if not perfect—three-dimensional city maps from a single SAR satellite. When an earthquake devastates a city, information can be in short supply. With basic services disrupte

    AI reveals secret roads endangering the world's rainforests

    By Lurker,
    Satellite images analyzed by AI are emerging as a new tool in finding unmapped roads that bring environmental destruction to wilderness areas. James Cook University's Distinguished Professor Bill Laurance was co-author of a study analyzing the reliability of an automated approach to large-scale road mapping, using convolutional neural networks trained on road data, using satellite images. He said the Earth is experiencing an unprecedented wave of road building, with some 25 million kil

    GIS Mapping and Spatial Analysis in Early Warning Systems Course

    By IRES,
    INTRODUCTION Hi members, Welcome to our training on GIS Mapping and Spatial Analysis in Early Warning Systems Course. This course in  GIS Mapping and Spatial Analysis in Early Warning Systems has been developed to enhance the capacity of government officials, development partners, and stakeholders involved in development planning to mainstream disaster risk reduction into development activities and practices. DURATION 5 days. WHO SHOULD ATTEND This course is intende

    BAE Systems launches MethaneSAT satellite to provide critical global greenhouse gas emissions data

    By EmperoR,
    BAE Systems is celebrating alongside its customers at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) following the successful launch of the MethaneSAT satellite from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California today. The satellite will provide the public with reliable scientific data about the sources and scale of methane emissions globally, with the ultimate goal of driving reductions in the near future. MethaneSAT’s primary instrument includes a BAE Systems-built spectrometer that will identify and q

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