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  1. Good news because I've been waiting for it since a long time. I have already tried it but I was really disappointed. "Input" from merginmap is really far more efficient than QField. I've been using this tool for 2 years now and it's really powerful.
  2. Thanks @rahmansunbeam, I will have look closer. @Lurker, when I said "didn't run properly" I mean that usually I use *.bat file to run Python Script for downloading, converting data and upload them to PostgreSQL. Sometime the process is stopped due to disconnected distant server and obviously it fails.
  3. Hi Guys, I have several Agents setup on various PostgreSQL 10 databases to run tasks but I would like to know if someone of you knows a tool that can restart an Agent that didn't run properly. I am used to use a query to see the status of every tasks when it fails or success as below, launched from postgres db: SELECT jobid, jobname, jobenabled, lastjob.jlgstatus last_job_status, jstid, jstname, (jstkind, jstonerror) "type->error",lastjobstep.jslstatus last_step_status, jsloutput,jslduration, jstcode jobstepcode FROM pgagent.pga_job LEFT JOIN pgagent.pga_jobstep on jobid = jstjobid LEFT JOIN (SELECT _last.jlgjobid, _last.max_jlgid, jlgstatus, jlgstart FROM pgagent.pga_joblog, (select jlgjobid, max(jlgid) max_jlgid FROM pgagent.pga_joblog group by jlgjobid) _last WHERE jlgid = max_jlgid) lastjob ON jobid = jlgjobid LEFT JOIN (SELECT _last.jsljstid, jslstatus, jslstart, jsloutput, jslduration FROM pgagent.pga_jobsteplog, (select jsljstid, max(jslid) max_jstid from pgagent.pga_jobsteplog group by jsljstid) _last where jslid = max_jstid) lastjobstep ON jstid = jsljstid ORDER BY jobid,jstid Unfortunately this is only possible when I am behind my screen and if something happen after my working hour, I would love also to receive an email alert to be informed. Thanks in advance for your advice. darksabersan
  4. Hi remoteguy ! Welcome on board and enjoy your time with us and the community. darksabersan
  5. @intertronic, thanks for your input. I found a solution that suite my case better due to the fact that we are using both version of QGIS and also because I was looking for interoperability. Therefore I have decided to use QSphere. Most probably not well known around the globe. https://qgis.projets.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/projects/qsphere GUI quiete ugly but at least is doing the job. ūüėČ darksabersan
  6. Hi guys, Since a very long on ArcGIS, I am used to use Metadata to goes along with my data, like Shapefile, GDB, etc. I add all king of usefull informations that I can provide to it. Using QGIS 3.x is definitely not a hard job regarding Metadata because they are store into a *.qmd file and this works very fine. I am much more trouble to use QGIS 2.x because there is the Metadata tab into the layer properties but I am unable to make it work. I mean, I can't see any *.xml file and when removing the data from the canvas and add it again, everything is gone. Anyone with Metadata experience can tell how to do it with QGIS 2.x ? Thanks ! darksabersan
  7. This is a very awesome improvement for DJI Mavic Air 2 ! @rahmansunbeam I am in love about this one. I worked a long time ago with such kind of device with small Lidar on board. Mix with Arduino and Raspberry Pi and a huge battery ūüôā. Very cool stuff !
  8. Hi Dante, Welcome to Gis-Area !
  9. OK, thanks. I will have look to it. Today, I am also facing another issue. When running my buffer over my points, I am loosing all columns in my table. Here is my query: SELECT st_buffer(geom, 50) INTO gis_osm_pois_buf FROM gis_osm_pois; Is there any way to keep them into the new table ? Thanks !
  10. Hi guys, I have the most stupid question for you. From one layer with thousand of points and I have generated buffers. The thing is that I would like to select only the ones that didn't touch or intersect each other. https://imgur.com/a/QtCCD0V Postgis query would be great or any other solution. Thanks in advance for your help
  11. Greetings DarkSaberSan Friend,

    Thank you very much for all the contributions,
    Your help is very important to our GIS community.
    Hugs from Brazil


  12. Hi guys, I had the opportunity in the past with my previous job to load Oracle Spatial data and everything was fine. Today, I try to scratch the surface by installing Oracle Database 12c Release 2. I created a first database and I managed to make a connection with ArcCatalog without major problem. Now I have created a second empty database but when I want to connect with QGIS, it does not work even using the 'SYS' user. What should I do to create an empty base to connect to? Thanks! darksabersan.
  13. Hello 

    I student in Land use planing and environmental 

    please send site for download eBook

    Best wishes for you


    PhD Student of Environmental Science
    Faculty of Natural Resource University of Tehran Iran
    Email:¬†[email protected]
    Best Regards
  14. Hi my friend, As far as I can see, it seams that it works only for Linux... Unfortunately. http://www.slopestability.org/software.html darksabersan.
  15. Hi spacebuggy and welcome on board ! darksabersan.
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