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  1. Hello, I would like to be added to active members. Thank you. Arhanghelul
  2. Where can i find some GIS & RS jobs, working from home ? Thanks
  3. Here is an interesting review: http://www.50northspatial.org/uav-image-processing-software-photogrammetry/ 😉😊
  4. When I try to add PyQt5 to the Project interpreter in PyCharm, I get the error from the image attached bellow. I am new to Python, so who can help me solve this problem, step by step ? ? Thank you !
  5. I am trying to run a Python script in PyCharm using Pytnon 2.7 ArcGIS 10.6 as the project interpreter, but wen i run the script it stops after a short time and i get this message: "Process finished with exit code -1073741819 (0xC0000005)". What is this ? How can i solve this problem ? Thank you.
  6. In would like 2 things: 1) to add the thickness of each polygon to the DEM. The result should look like a waste pile in 3D. 2) to create individual bloks (TIN's) overlapping in ArcScene 3D. In don't know how to sort the layers based on the date of the deposit, then how to intersect and union the values for each polygon so that each block inherits the values from bellow. It should look like a geological deposit, each layer overlapping on top of each other. How cam i create something like that ?
  7. I have a shape file containing around 300 polygons and a DEM. Every polygon represents a waste layer about 10 inch thickness added on the field and marked by a date. I would like to add each layer to the DEM value. How can i do this ? I would also like to create a 3D view in ArcScene for this waste pile, so that each layer can be selected individualy from the waste pile. How can I do that ? I managed to converted the polygons to features, but i don't know how to continue my project...... One problem is that the polygons have no Z values (altitude), only an estimated 10 inch tichness each polygon. And the polygons are overlapping. So, how can i make an 3D view ? Thank you.
  8. Hello friends ! I am trying to create a map in QGIS using Google Hybrid plug-in as a basemap. When i export my map from Map Composer in QGIS, the labels from the basemap (street names, places, locations, etc) are not exportet on the map. So, how can i keep the labels on the exported basemap ? Thank you.
  9. Yes, I know that my question has no connection to your topic. But i was curious to know: what methods/softwares do you use for semi-automatic/vectorizing and image post-processing ?
  10. What about image processing softwares ? Drones/UAV sistems produce a large volume of information (optical images, LIDAR, etc). For example, how do you extract all the elements from a large orthomosaic over an urban area or a less complex landscape (forest & built up areas) ? Manual vectorization or semi/automatic vectorization ?
  11. In EarthExplorer i see that SPOT 1-4 archive images are free to download only for US, but for Europe are not. So, is there another way to search and download the SPOT 1-4 archive satellite images for Europe ?
  12. Question: Where can I find and donwload free SPOT satelite images ? I have read a year ago that the SPOT1-4 archive will be free, similar to Landsat archive. What is the status for SPOT images ? Download links for SPOT ?
  13. I don't think so. If satellite imagery with <2 m in spatial resolution would be free to download like Landsat, then private company like DigitalGlobe, Aibuse and others what they will sell to coustomers ?
  14. And remember that you will also need to learn how to use the softwares. eCognition Developer it has a lot of algorithms and functions, good for change detection using high resolution images (under 5 m, from commercial satellites and images from UAV/drones).
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