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  1. I will still remain with the desktop for a long time. I stay until I extract the last drop. I still have version 9.3.1 running to be able to use some tools that don't work in version 10xxx
  2. This version 10.6.1 has a lot of bugs, I went back to 10.3, which in my opinion is what works best. Another situation is looking to learn Qgis, just a suggestion.
  3. Greetings DarkSaberSan Friend,

    Thank you very much for all the contributions,
    Your help is very important to our GIS community.
    Hugs from Brazil


  4. SASP LANET 2019 http://www.sasgis.org/download/
  5. Greetings Friend, We are here to share knowledge. Fraternal hugs from Brazil
  6. For you to perform the mapping with drone is necessary to perform autonomous flight. Start with small areas. Where you can see the drone. Good flights
  7. dexgeo


    Thanks for sharing!!!!
  8. The answer for you, DJI user, is the DroneDeploy APP 😀 https://www.dronedeploy.com/
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