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  1. Amazing dude , thanks for shared, regards.
  2. nice share dude thanks
  3. amazing maps of mangrove loss, thanks.
  4. amazing share dude !!! multiverse map
  5. Perhaps help if use Globalmapper have and LIDAR module and can split subset from you data or make other geoprocessing analysis.
  6. In your new graph each high value correspond to near distance... is like high value are inverse to distance ....if you use reclass in arctoolboxs can define por each class the value require ... here get a print screen done by me https://ibb.co/0KCj079 check there area different options to reclassify a raster...
  7. You can check reclass option in SA, there get many different form to reclassify .
  8. ArcGis excalibur is amazing tool thanks for share this topic, regards
  9. nice share, really we have a idea of black hole but really pics is very difficult and almost impossible to get..thanks.
  10. There are two options 1) Create a TIN from DEM , in ArcScene use it like base hight for your waste layer 2) intertronic explaining option regards .
  11. Try to use image of the same date, and check the mosaic options in ENVI....perhaps could use ERDAS or another softwares and compared the results... regards.
  12. Amazing acquisition from ESRI, became more powerful the suite of ArcGIS and help to other to complement with GIS issues...regards
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