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  1. You can check reclass option in SA, there get many different form to reclassify .
  2. ArcGis excalibur is amazing tool thanks for share this topic, regards
  3. nice share, really we have a idea of black hole but really pics is very difficult and almost impossible to get..thanks.
  4. There are two options 1) Create a TIN from DEM , in ArcScene use it like base hight for your waste layer 2) intertronic explaining option regards .
  5. Try to use image of the same date, and check the mosaic options in ENVI....perhaps could use ERDAS or another softwares and compared the results... regards.
  6. Amazing acquisition from ESRI, became more powerful the suite of ArcGIS and help to other to complement with GIS issues...regards
  7. Amazing, i'll check it , thanks for share it dude.
  8. N Dude, but each chapter are 29.84 $... perhaps someone can buy it, regards
  9. Great news, thank, for shire it...hope the new maps updated came with the last IOS and OSMAc to releas soon.
  10. Could to apply combine from toolbox and have the same raster with both table....regards PD: if have any table of raster...BTW could follow the step posted by other in this topic.
  11. 3dbu

    NDVI imagery

    There area many source with NDVI but not to high resolution jet, here one of many link : https://www.globalforestwatch.org; luck.
  12. Here help if viewshed analyst http://desktop.arcgis.com/en/arcmap/10.3/tools/spatial-analyst-toolbox/using-viewshed-and-observer-points-for-visibility.htm hope help and give an idea of the how to... regards
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