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  1. Please can my account be re-activated. I'm back into GIS now.
  2. i am looking for a version of Reclaime with key if possible
  3. Please re-activate me. I cannot get to some of the content on the website.

    i promise to stay logged in!


  4. Please re-activate my account as i cannot see some sections. i will stay logged in. Thanks!
  5. Know of any GIS work opportunities in South Africa. Middle management positions let me know. Thanks
  6. Hello and any help appreciated. Is there a way or someone has a script to export attachments stored as "blob" in a personal geodatabase? Thanks in advance
  7. what do you need to know about offline editing?. Basically you need and arcgis online account. If you are using hosted service, you will have to added the hosted service layer to arcmap, Create a local copy for edting and it is nornally in a folder on your local machine ... C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\ArcGIS\FeatureServiceLocalEdits\DukuCapture\fs9FBD7E0D4132411C8432FC4C35F7A750.gdb (something like this). you can work with it offline and once done,synchronize local edits with server Hope this helps.
  8. Willing to take on contract work in South Africa-GIS related type work. Thanks
  9. Hello,Peeledpotato, AWESOME to see some SA blood here! Also SA (east london)
  10. I don't want them in a GDB any longer as some of our cleints cannot read an image catalogue,therefore individual one's. Any export method with creating a dbf and pointing to a folder?
  11. Hi All :shocked: I created a raster catalogue in arcmap 10 with about 350 images,which works fine for my area of study. I now need something to allow me to extract only selected tiles that i want and copy to another folder as individual images. I have used the export tool in arcmap 10 but to export a 100 images at a time takes very long. Any scripts or suggestions pleaseee
  12. anyone have the medicine?
  13. DAZZIE


    HI Forum-This goes out to all that have posted and helped me reading. THANK YOU AGAIN for a wonderful site. My arcinfo is now working 110%. i am so chuffed. What i found was that 3D extension works but chnaging between globe and surface creates a 2 second delay. This is not the program or license but rather the processor and RAM used on the machine. Thanks again and i will be back!!
  14. HI all i'm from South Africa and a really fantastic site. You guys rock! :kiss:
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