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  1. all done, please be more active, post news and question, help us grow
  2. all done, please be more active and to all, active is not only login and silently lurking around, active is post some stuff or reply topic
  3. finish moving website to new server, please report any problem here, thank you
  4. I will schedule for moving to new server in couple days, there will be down time and some performance issues, sorry for the inconvenience
  5. upgrade complete, some additional function added, for example the achievement and rank now revamped, enjoy
  6. hello all members there will be big upgrade on our forum in the next couple days stay tune and prepare for errors and glitches thank you
  7. we still tuning the settings after we move to the new server recently, Already set another firewall exception, so try it now, and report here again or in our official social media, if you face any problem. thank you -admin-
  8. Im gonna disable all plugins for couple days to test some stuff Thank you for your understanding Admin.
  9. for inactive members please post your request here: Inactive Members, Want To Reactivate Your Account - Feedback and Introduction - GISarea - Geographic Information Science Forum
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