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  1. Are you Still Alive?

  2. Hallo Emperor,.why i cannot find some content on this website...

  3. Please re-activate me. I cannot get to some of the content on the website.

    i promise to stay logged in!


  4. this should be fixed right now, reactivating promotion function all silent members over 180 days will be trashed
  5. hello there is a bug in promotion function in our script disabled right now, -ADMIN-
  6. update to latest release, membermap and chatbox need to be upgraded to the latest version disabled right now to avoid crash and error
  7. forum upgraded, please report here : http://www.gisarea.com/topic/2621-forum-error-please-post-here/?page=7
  8. hello in next couple hours into days , we will do big upgrade to our forum, as always please stay tune and see the latest info in this topic and our official FB page after upgrade if you find any error please post to thank you admin
  9. im sorry, you inactive for long time, so our system move you to inactive member group I will move you back to member group admin
  10. thanks from now on, forum upgrade will be more often, so stay tune and prepare new release is ready, I will prepare for next update small update though admin
  11. all plugins set, now all functionality should work as before plus adding please report if you find any error admin
  12. okay thanx for the input, my priority now to fix all small setting, and new function later
  13. upgrade done, forum run in minimal mode, please give me all your thought and idea, admin
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