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  1. hi moderator! I am busy for couple of months. I do not lose my status in this lovely forum since i have close connection with this platform. You can check my contents and reputation too if I am not wrong please! Please reinstate my status and give me easiest way to keep my account live with full functionality! Thanks!
  2. I would ask him, as he has background both in computer science and geography, please explain how topology works behind the scene.
  3. Adding attachment is not that hard but the challenge is finding lat-long in the each document. Can u assert that all docs have uniformly formatted lat-long whereas same pattern of programming can find them- better to attach a doc if you can, just to get a lucid idea!!
  4. Hi Dear, What it means "and display them as a point in a map". Could you elaborate where you want that files data to be showed ArcMap? QGIS? or others..
  5. Hi, adnan0001 If you go for icons, another resource can be found here https://mapicons.mapsmarker.com/ You can change the color of icons online and export those icons to use in arcmap or other softwares.
  6. @adnan0001 I said that you can import custom images in ARCMAP and use those as symbol easily using picture marker symbols in the style manager.
  7. Google has temporarily suspended Google Map Maker, a service to allow the community to make edits to Google Maps similar to how Wikipedia edits work. The reason the service was suspended was because of the recent public edits made to show how easy it is to make fraudulent edits to businesses. Google has pulled the tool that allowed users to make amendments to its Maps service, in the wake of a huge prank that saw a user draw the Android logo urinating onto the Apple one. More news at http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/google-map-maker-suspended-after-it-was-used-to-draw-androids-urinating-on-apple-logo-10244031.html Map editor must be a joker...
  8. I see mangomap is an web service. Want a medicine!!
  9. I can not access this forum when i type url, it coms up with a blank page. If i press refresh over and over again then i can access (but only that page). For every page in this forum i am facing this problem for week.
  10. For updated version you may try. http://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/2014/11/18/the-build-elevation-mosaic-tools-toolbox-is-now-available/ Thanks.. :) :)
  11. Hi Dear Thanks for ur try, Care this tool is only tested against shapefile(input and output) and folder(as workspace-not gdb etc). Have u chacked the name of ur point shapefile(or name of output shapefile, folder etc. ) u r tring to connect (e.g name is "offset-line.shp") where hyphen is not allowed. So far i see u have invalid word in the path i.e. \ESRI-master in File "C:\Prediction_Path_Model\MODEL\ESRI-master\Toolbox.tbx#ConnectPoints.py where hyphen is not allowed it will be \ESRI_master or others which is valid USE THE UPDATED SCRIPT FROM GITHUB (Added) NOW.
  12. Ty, you can find modified version (well documented etc.) at https://github.com/msig0000/ESRI/tree/master/Connect_Points
  13. Dear, I have made a script tool that generates the spider network(as you needed)- see shot attached Usage: just locate the tool script in arc catalog. It needs four parameters 1. Input point feature 2.Output folder/work space 3.Output shapefile name 4.Search radius (for your case get the diagonal distance between two neighbor points using measure tool) Tool link https://www.dropbox.com/s/4a7ayysvul6h4ot/tool.rar?dl=0 Enoy..
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