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  1. thanks a lot adnan ...msig0000 Greetings to you
  2. thanks a lot adnan Just symbology criteria you needed i search at the arcgis through the Style Manager for Style reference I can not find the symbology that fit the theme of solid waste such as containers example >>http://www.vectorstock.com/composite/3074926/garbage-and-rubbish-icons-vector.jpg
  3. I am Msc student in environmental geography and master's thesis on solid waste, but I have problems in the production of maps, which symbology solid waste map such as Landfills And accumulations and containers,And factories and incinerators......How can find on this symbology Please help me and thank you in advance example >>>http://www.vectorstock.com/composite/3074926/garbage-and-rubbish-icons-vector.jpg
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