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  1. Dear Experts.. Anyone has experience on generating WFS links based custom key authentication on a particular users with their keys using ARCGIS tools..instead of username & password.. Thank You
  2. These are Great tools , could consume this new map on other app , are we able to get the wms or wmts also, please confrim I would be thankful to u
  3. Hi Experts Any Guidance to proceed 1)Set permission and access to the OGC service into Geoserver 2)need to generate server WFS and WMS and WCS , then give acess to those service security. 3)Organise layer into geoserver
  4. Any Geoserver experts .. I need your guidance.. Thanks
  5. https://community.esri.com/thread/239503-cad-to-gis-conversion-issues I just wanted to convert cad to gis with attributes I think this data has data level issues in joining the attributes anyone can guide me here
  6. Im getting the same error , Could u please check your inbox
  7. Hi 

    I just followed as 

    1) Exported the DI Line and Oldline layers of cad 

    2) Selected the DI Line and OldLine layers from Annotation layer of cad then converted to Geodatabase annotation and by select by attributes  deleted unwanted features and done spatial Join ..

    Wrong diameter were taken in the shapefile..

    Please can you have a look over the cad file 

    I shall Highly thankful to you brother..



  8. Dear All Hope You all are fine.. Im facing an issue with the conversion from cad to gis .. The issue is Annotation of Pipes are not being joined after the conversions . Process followed - Created an empty GDB - Exported the selected layers of pipes which are mentioned as " DI Line , DI Text and old line if available , These are pipe lines to GDB then defined projection and trying to do spatial join. The dimension which are Diamters of pipes are not being taken and symbols are being taken.. Before exporting i tried convert to text in autocad for the drawing dimension then taken to Gis , as Yousef told me to do , Even though i failed. Please guide me correct process.. Please find below the link with the files https://mega.nz/#!6dpRSIoQ!Y1hTk72osBzUBLy1Ogys36AIaLJQpzIBG4Ue6D1tPXE Thank You
  9. Dear All. I need your help guys in Plotting a route using Google Map or any other solution, I need to plot a complete route for a day visited ..next day again it has to be repeated.. Can anyone share the logic behind the criteria for the development?. Thank You.
  10. Hello Mates Which is the best software to download google earth images at high resolution..? Please suggest
  11. Great Tool.. If someone can look on this addin especially our contributors.. That would be great Thanks
  12. Dear Friend's We have developed a tracking portal for vehicle tracking with live map and fleet management etc, The issue is that : I want to know the logic behind the live map of the vehicles ,how much space does it required , what i know is that a developed portal with standard server can handle 10000 vehicles live on the map. Is this true , If we have more than this how can we handle , How is the costing Is there any more solution and suggestion other than this above mentioned Kindly help me with the issue i have mentioned to you guys. If you need any more details , please reply me Thanks
  13. Dear friends Can anyone plz provide me iptorrent invitation.. I will be highly thankful to u..
  14. Not working with version 10.2.2 .. any suggestions
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