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  1. Dear All. I need your help guys in Plotting a route using Google Map or any other solution, I need to plot a complete route for a day visited ..next day again it has to be repeated.. Can anyone share the logic behind the criteria for the development?. Thank You.
  2. Hello Mates Which is the best software to download google earth images at high resolution..? Please suggest
  3. Great Tool.. If someone can look on this addin especially our contributors.. That would be great Thanks
  4. Dear Friend's We have developed a tracking portal for vehicle tracking with live map and fleet management etc, The issue is that : I want to know the logic behind the live map of the vehicles ,how much space does it required , what i know is that a developed portal with standard server can handle 10000 vehicles live on the map. Is this true , If we have more than this how can we handle , How is the costing Is there any more solution and suggestion other than this above mentioned Kindly help me with the issue i have mentioned to you guys. If you need any more details , please reply me Thanks
  5. Dear friends Can anyone plz provide me iptorrent invitation.. I will be highly thankful to u..
  6. Not working with version 10.2.2 .. any suggestions
  7. Many Thanks captain Can i use these files with arcgis 10.2.2 or 10 Any suggestion Will test n update you
  8. Dear msig000.. Do u have any idea about google maps look like maps.. Do you have google.style file as I have posted the issue on gis topic category... Plz have a look over it..
  9. Hi dear folks.. Do anyone have google style files.. I want to make the maps to look like google maps as the same.. http://educationally.narod.ru/gislayer2photoalbum.html i want to make the maps in this way n i got the link by yousuf plz anyone can provide the google.style file.. i will be highly thankful to you...
  10. Dear msig000 Can u elaborate more about the soft you r diacussing.. As I want to ahown the mosque , petrol pumps and trees ...etc Can u plz elaborate the steps
  11. Hi dear friend's Plz plz help on this issue This issue is very critical as its a big issue to us.. actually in our oragnisation they are two softwares we use arcgis n geomedia and now the issue is with geomedia. before the geomedia was coonected with sqlserver database n it was running with the connection of the server .. Now we have created another server n now we want to connect using oracle client , everything was succesful in installing but when we are going to add or create new connection from geomedia " ORACLE OBJECT MODEL READ ONLY" we can see sql , n other things.. When i did research as got to know that first oracle client to be installed n then geomedia then this option will be available in create connection... Plz help me to solve this otherwise we need to work with the above said solution for 500PC's
  12. Pivot table tool can help in this issue I think
  13. Many Thanks to all .. For valuable information
  14. Hi friends Can anyone please update me information regarding 3d tourist maps , which need to done for me as a task.. I'm wondering which software will provide best results..
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