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  1. For our purposes we've ditched trimble units for phones and bluetooth gps devices combind with Avenza PDFMaps... and have never looked back.
  2. You may have not seen it in the other thread, but I'd like to make an apology to you regarding what I wrote. It's not fair to assume because others do it, you do as well. I've had people in the past message me on this site about software they are selling and it's increasing in frequency. This is why I reacted the way I did.

    I do not understand, nor pretend to understand the underpinnings of what "medicine" entails as I am just an end-user. Once again, I apologize.

  3. Well it's pretty obvious that ArcGIS Pro will be the new defacto desktop envvironment soon. As for the current ArcGIS desktop, I always leave 64-bit processing off. It usually alleviates about 95% of any potential problems. If I need background processing (which is rare), there is other software outside of the ESRI framework that will allow for that or I'll use a workstation at work precisely for this purpose... set it and leave it.
  4. It's refreshing to hear someone else who feels that the 64 bit background processing isn't worth the trouble it creates. It's such a crappy implementation in the desktop environment.
  5. All versions have bugs... all versions will eventually give the 999999 error with no explanation. Its really up to you with respect to what toolboxes you need or even if any of the new features are relevant to what you do.
  6. If you are talking about the google maps layer then the answer is no as its a cached with the labels already added I believe. If its imagery layers, then yes. Just use the aerial layer and not the hybrid layer. Google terrain layers do not have labeling as well.
  7. Excellent design and ease-of-use. Well done! Thanks for this.
  8. Is this meant to be a direct competitor to the ESRI platform? I have to be honest,the cross-platform intrigues me, but then again so does anything that is non-esri.
  9. As much as I hate to agree with this. I have to. At least from the environmental GIS sector. Just as an example I had to walk a GIS "professional" from the provincial government on how to export to shapefile from Civil3D the other day. It makes you wonder.
  10. It depends on whether or not your job market requires it. I'm in Canada and its relatively a non-issue if you have already proven track record. I don't recommend taking it in Canada unless you have extra money to burn. I have seen no benefit to the professional accreditation I received from ESRI in the job market here. The other issue is that if a company is asking for that accredation, usually they want it up-to-date. That means you will have to keep retaking it with every major new release (as the exams are tied to major releases). At the end of the day, your proven skills and who you kn
  11. Is it not even showing the xml at its specified web address? Or is it just not showing it when accessed through the viewer?
  12. This is a very very broad question. It really depends on what you will be using it for. When starting out I start out with only 2 major questions: 1) What functionality do I need? Less is more. Too many web mapping apps are loaded with almost too much functionality. It's a challenge making something that is robust functionally and intuitive to use at the same time. Many of the templates you will use will only have 50% of what you will actually need and the other 50% will be things you don't need/want. This includes security. This also includes determining whether or not users will connect
  13. ESRI pricing everyone out except fortune 500 companies and governmental agencies... In other news, the grass is wet...
  14. The terrific thing about this software isn't necessarily google imagery, but rather when you pair it with something like mobac or sasplanet. You can pretty much automate tile creation for a service and have it simultaneously served up by the portable map server. This is terrific with sasplanet when for example you have a REST service that needs an referer in order to work. Download the tiles in sasplanet, then they appear in the service that you created in portable map server. If anyone knows how to add a referer directly into a portable map service, I'm all ears xD.
  15. Thanks for the response. I've solved the photo issue. Turns out Geocortex doesn't add the final "/" at the end of the IMG tag. I feel pretty silly there haha. However the other issue regarding the data link to a specific Microsoft Access database is still not showing. Interestingly enough, I have other links going to other queries in the exact same database and they are functioning superbly.
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