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  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone has a tool or a method that can help me to Publish an orthophoto without the need to include it in mxd file. Thank you Fatin
  2. Depend on the title, the issue here is : how to reflect metadata on ArcGIS Server so that it can be deployed on Geocortex". N.B: If one seeks on ArcGIS Server, metadata can be founded.
  3. Hi Thank you for your replaying, Actually i do not the way how to display metadata in Geocortex. If you have an answer i will be thankful
  4. Hello everyone, I just want to display my metadata that i created on GIS like a web service. Despite the fact that we configure the metadata on ArcGIS Server level, the Geocortex fails to show the metadata on published layer. What might be the issue here? Best, Fatin
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