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  1. It might be useful!! http://environgeomatics.blogspot.in/2016/01/how-to-add-google-maps-into-arcmap.html How to add google maps into ArcMap Although ArcGIS allows to bring the Bing maps and Esri images as base layers in ArcMap, still sometimes we rely on google images because of their better accuracy and their frequent update. Some of us using openlayers plugin in QGIS to access the google maps as a base map. This tutorial shows you to how quickly you can add the google maps, google hybrid images and open street maps etc. to the ArcMap for testing purposes. Portable basemap server PB
  2. Hi all I recently renew my Laptop with a better one with windows 10 platform, but I have a problem with some software such as arcgis 10.2.2 In the software environment, icons are really small. when I change arcmap setting to big icons, the size of icons getting bigger than normal condition in the past! please help me. I like normal view of arcmap.
  3. Hello to all. Have a problem with creting html popup with Carrymap in ArcGIS. Images appears too big for popup. Script for image insert: <% var tag = '<img src="'; tag += CF.Values["img"] + ".JPG"; tag += '">'; echo (tag); %> Could I change image size in pixels or percents in script?
  4. I am attempting to downscale a plethora of temperatures points over a high resolution DEM, and have hit several roadblocks. On further research, I have found a method in which to execute this task, but am stuck on how to execute within ArcMap. The weighted linear function I plan to use is as follows `y=Bx+C` Where y=predicted temperature, B and C are coefficients, and x is the DEM layer. There are also several complex weighted functions that determine the influence of the station on the regression model as the specific DEM cell gains altitude away from the station and proximity away
  5. Hi everyone, does anyone knows how to generate a digital surface model with some satellite imagery? it's possible to create a terrain from stereo imagery in ArcGIS? and with just f.ex. 3-5 images not stereo? References : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_elevation_model
  6. Yet another article explaining all the details one should remember for faster ArcGIS workflow. Check this out..... When it comes to computer hardware, there is a lot you can do to increase the performance of ArcGIS. The decisions you make about processor, disk, memory, etc. are all critical issues that can often be overlooked – even by the experts. The following is a listing (in order of importance) of some key hardware issues for ArcGIS – specifically for Geoprocessing tasks in ESRI ArcGIS products like ArcMap and the ‘arcpy’ Python module. Let’s get started: Processor: Without a
  7. Dear Para Master GIS & RS, Ada yang tau kah cara (script python atau modeler atau mungkin udah ada di toolbox) yang bisa save / export simbologi hasil klasifikasi nilai di atribut ke field baru? Mohon pencerahan dan ilmunya, hehe Terima kasih
  8. Greetings, Please forgive me if my english is not true. I want to ask something fundamental about the register map with ARCGIS. I have a shp file that has been registered, this time I want to change the register early because they did not fit. What should I do it again from scratch, or there may be a way to change it directly to the shp fil? Please provide fill to me about this issue. Thank you
  9. Salam kenal para master GIS Indonesia, Saya baru mulai belajar mengenai GIS, jadi pasti memiliki banyak pertanyaan. Masalah saya yang pertama ini adalah saya memiliki file dalam bentuk .shp yang telah diregister pastinya. Sekarang saya ingin merubah register yang ada di file .shp tersebut. Mungkinkah ada cara untuk merubah registernya tanpa harus mengulang dari awal lagi?bagaimana caranya jika ada?Mohon para master bisa memandu saya menyelesaikan masalah ini. Terima Kasih.
  10. This is a tricky one. A little context first: Bentiu wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bentiu + OSM map of Bentiu refugee camp, South Sudan: http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/9.3314/29.7920 My task is to come up with a map of the dwellings and the facilities in the camp, each with their corresponding address. For this I have (1) a schematic grid of the address system (.pdf), (2) indications on how the address system works (start numbering the buildings from the NW corner to W then S), and (3) the .shp of the individual houses and buildings extracted from aerial imagery analysis
  11. permisi salam kenal, saya dikky setiawan sedang membuat Tugas Akhir berkenaan dengan remote sensing Saya punya permasalah pada pembuatan peta tutupan lahan, dengan menggunakan software argis 10 dan erdas 8.5 1. saya sedang membuat peta perubahan tutupan lahan, antara tahun 1990, 2000, dan 2015 pertanyaanya, setelah saya calculate luas dalam bentuk luas (ha) kenapa setiap tahun total Luas nya berbeda pada kecamatan tersebut ? padahal saya sudah clip dengan benar, sebelum menghitung, contoh luas kecamatan 100 ha, setelah saya buat peta tutupan lahan, total nya tidak 1
  12. down votefavorite i have a problem whem i am working to calculate the ndvi from landsat sattellite of rainy season i have assumed the pixel value above 15000 are clouds and calculate NDVI.then i am assigning the clouds pixel in ndvi 1. The main question is how to calculate zonal min max value of ndvi and percentage of cloud and percentage of ndvi greater than 0.5 in a particular zone.(zone are the vilage boundary of District). please help to solve this problem in arc gis.
  13. Hello everyone, I am working on risk. I have used an heuristic aproach and i've generated a susceptibility map of risk and i want to validate my map by comparing with the inventoried traininig sites. does anyone know how to use the (SCAI) seed cell area index or any other alternative? Thanks
  14. I have a multi-temporal NDVI package of raster images (100) and each image represents the monthly-annualy values of the NDVI for a large geographic region (28 april 2000, 15 may 2000, 24 july 2001, ...etc). I would like to export the rasters to an Excell table that should contain: date of image aquisition, a specific geographic region and the NDVI values for that region of interest. The values should be averages, minimum and maximums. With this table, I would like to make some statistical analysis. So, how can I do this job, by using ArcGIS or any other software ? Thank you. Arhan
  15. Hello and I am almost finished completing a GIS application using Geocortex Essentials with the silverlight viewer template and have a couple of questions for anyone who is experienced. 1. When creating a Feature Description my photos will not show up. I've had my photos in a virtual directory for a previous flex application we've ran for a couple of years now and have had no issues. In fact, when putting in a simple request such as <img src> in the editor but not in the mapping application (just the html code does). The Geocortex manual explicitly states that feature descriptions su
  16. hi dear friends i need An integrated user-friendly ArcMAP tool for bivariate statistical modeling in geoscience applications pleas have everybody it share here advance thanks
  17. untuk menamplikan informasi shp di sdk java arcgis bagaimana ya ?
  18. How to remove unwanted background color we get in hydrology > direction and accumulation process .... i tried to make the background color to no color but its not working ...here is the link of my snapshot to understand better http://i57.tinypic.com/ac9xxc.jpg
  19. Hello everyone, I install ARCGIS 10.2 and when I active the licence I got an error message about the presence of former version. I uninstalled all the previous version and all the app related however it still appears. Any ideas? Thanks RB
  20. I want to buy ArcGIS 10.2 products... I really do. But I just can't bring myself to march to the bosses office and explain why we need this release because the fact is we don't. ESRI has managed to take a product with hardly any changes of significance and roll into a new version instead of an update. Instead of focusing on the multitude of problems that have plagued 10.1 throughout its lifecycle, they've decided to not fix the product and build on it even more. They haven't addressed (among other things): The 1000's of bugs and errors that crop up all the time. I have keep error journ
  21. I heard the new ArcGIS online subscription provides easy tools to create a web page embedded with maps , with minimum Programming knowledge. We can embed maps in the existing websites such as this one http://www.plusgis.com Or share our maps in social networks like facebook. I suggest our members make use of the one month trial subscription offered by AGOL. Happy webmapping !!
  22. Dear All, I wanna share my concern about creating the application in flex. I wanna create the application of sea routing, then I utilize network analyst; the closest facility and new route facility. While creating the application for new route there is no problem appeared. Flex application to find the new route with the input data can works as well. But the problem is appeared when execute the closest facility, I already used the default parameter in ArcGIS 10.1, but It doesn't work. The parameters are same as the default but, in my application can not input the point as the facility and
  23. Salam hangat dari seorang Newbie, Mau nanya nih para master dan suhu...ada gak yang bisa share Symbol legenda peta standar Badan Informasi Geospasial (BIG). terima kasih
  24. At the moment I am using Global Mapper + a custom fishnet in order to export (download) orthos from a WMS Server. I just select the polygons and exporting them in GeoTIFF. I was wondering if there is a similar process that I can use in ArcGIS 9+ 10+, in order to do the same thing? If anyone knows how to do it, please let me know!
  25. Hello, I wanted to know if it is in any way possible to snap two features from two different layers toghether? Thank you, Paul
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