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    Nobody has seen atom shape till now with naked eye but they believe the shape presented to us as if they are sure about it.
  1. How to remove unwanted background color we get in hydrology > direction and accumulation process .... i tried to make the background color to no color but its not working ...here is the link of my snapshot to understand better http://i57.tinypic.com/ac9xxc.jpg
  2. yes brother it is same like we do it in erdas ... do the georeference in arc gis we match the same places/point of map and imagery in erdas , it is similar in arc gis
  3. i got my problem solved .... bhuvan portal of indian site has all the village boundaries demarcations .. so i made a polygon shape file of my area and i did the process subsetting the required image through shape file thank u all
  4. bro i didnt get u ,,,, see for example i have an america map .. it has many states ... i have a landsat image and i want to take out a state... how to do it .. neither i have toposheet so that by georeferencing i can do it and just assume that i dont have toposheet ,, how to do it now
  5. bro how to do it in erdas imagine ?
  6. hi everyone.. I have a landsat 8 image of one district and i want to take out the specific area like a mandal in district .. how can i do it ? Is the toposheet of the mandal is compulsory or can we do it without toposheet ? If we dont have toposheet how can i cut the mandal shape in erdas or arc gis what ever .. please help me in this
  7. hi folks... i have a query please help me.. i have a map of india with 28 states in vector format shape file.. i want to take only one state or any Aoi area in vector shape file ..in ERDAS .. how to do it
  8. to use atcor we shud have license ... but i need cracked atcor thanx for replying
  9. thank you brother i even tried the haze reduction but it is not going completely.. so i must now download another image
  10. brothers can any one help me in getting the sub pixel classifier tutorial.. i think we can do cloud correction here ,, i am trying to do cloud removal of landsat 8 in erdas 9.2 but am not able to understand how to do it .. please help me
  11. when i tried to do quick atmospheric correction in envi 4.7 on landsat 8 image .. it showing the input file must contain valid wavelengths .. what should i do ?
  12. how brother ? can u please post the tutorial here or else write the details of steps please .. thanx for replying
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