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  1. Its available in Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.show.me.tgxarzumpsxkdoq&hl=en
  2. updates the current trends,events and jobs in a jffy http://amzn.com/B01C48DMVY
  3. It might be useful!! http://environgeomatics.blogspot.in/2016/01/how-to-add-google-maps-into-arcmap.html How to add google maps into ArcMap Although ArcGIS allows to bring the Bing maps and Esri images as base layers in ArcMap, still sometimes we rely on google images because of their better accuracy and their frequent update. Some of us using openlayers plugin in QGIS to access the google maps as a base map. This tutorial shows you to how quickly you can add the google maps, google hybrid images and open street maps etc. to the ArcMap for testing purposes. Portable basemap server PBS is an open source WPF application which can be used to access the WMTS basemap service inside ArcGIS. Steps 1. Download and unzip the file in the desired location of your PC.(download link). 2.Open the Portable Basemap Server folder and right click thePortableBasemapServer.exe 3.Select the GoogleMapsImagery or desired one in the Data Source Type drop down menu. 4. Then click the Start New Service button. 5.Copy the OGC WMTS URL by clicking the Copy to Clipboard. Don't stop the PBSapplication, just minimize that. 6. Next open the Arcmap. 7.Open the Catalog and then click the Add WMTS server in GIS Servers. 8.Paste the Copied URL here in URL text box. Click Get Layers and click OK. 9.Next, right click the added WMTS Server and click the connect option. 10.Now it’s time to import the base map layer. You can drag down theGoogleMapsImagery from the Catalog to ArcMap Data View or you can simply add through the Add Data option.
  4. Is there option to import kml or geopdf ? like pdfmaps
  5. Thanks to all, PDFMaps also an interesting app where we can load our own maps and images in various formats like pdf, jpeg etc.,
  6. Hi all, Could you give me suggestions on better android GPS app ? Free VS paid?
  7. Hi Mohamadfe, Check this http://amzaz-software.blogspot.in/2014/07/arcgis-102-desktop-full-crack-download.html http://www.damasgate.com/vb/f26/ http://edutechsoft.blogspot.in/
  8. U may like this forum. http://forum.lavteam.org/
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