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  1. Map This Way is an Android application suitable for cartographic field work. It lets you use your GPS equipped Android device as a mapping tool. Through an easy to use interface you may map Locations, Routes, Point of Interest or Polygon areas. It is probably the most useful application that I have ever developed it can be used in professional field work, in the collection of high quality map data also in biking, hiking, trekking, traveling etc. It helps you map new paths and new locations, keep notes from your travels with coordinates, date and time. Export you mapping data in KML files so
  2. WMS Viewer on line is a light-weighted client for web map services that use the WMS protocol. It is a web application compatible with all modern versions of WMS and also supports Saving map connection parameters and settings as links that may be bookmarked, shared or posted. Using these links your map may be displayed in any device at any time. See this post with examples. Digitizing of points, lines or polygons and export in CSV or KML files Projection of kml files as overlays in the displayed maps. Projection of coastlines or country boundaries over the displayed maps. It is a follow up of
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