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Found 5 results

  1. how can i do same map with which software or extension? please
  2. Map This Way is an Android application suitable for cartographic field work. It lets you use your GPS equipped Android device as a mapping tool. Through an easy to use interface you may map Locations, Routes, Point of Interest or Polygon areas. It is probably the most useful application that I have ever developed it can be used in professional field work, in the collection of high quality map data also in biking, hiking, trekking, traveling etc. It helps you map new paths and new locations, keep notes from your travels with coordinates, date and time. Export you mapping data in KML files so you can view them in any modern GIS or in applications like WMS Viewer on line.
  3. For the past decade, static lidar (or laser scanning) has been used on construction sites to effectively monitor and provide spatial data for analysis of critical construction components. The term static typically refers to tripod-mountedinstruments such as a Total Station or ILRIS-3D. Thesedevices, while highly useful, have specialized utility and are therefore limited to specific functions. View the full case study here.
  4. Hello. I'm developing a new field data collection protocol for a municipal natural resource management agency. I'm struggling to find a GIS mapping and data collection app that works well for the iPad. I'm hesitant to jump into another ESRI product b/c it's crazy expensive and we already pay for desktop licenses and bureaucracy is slow. But I think it might be the only well functioning (maybe?) app for iOS at the moment. I'm looking for an application that can collect polygons and lines as well as point data. I found iGIS which is a "freemium" application, but I'm having trouble loading data in to the app. I'm new to the whole iPad experience anyway, so that might be it. But I've tried to follow the instructions carefully and I'm not getting the expected results... I was hoping to find a video tutorial but no luck and the instructions on the app are limited for troubleshooting. I've visited the app forum and no one else seems to have the problems I'm having. Waiting on a help-desk reply. Anyone out there have experience with iGIS app or alternative for iPad? Thanks in advance.
  5. We are doing a market study of mapping software and how it is used across various industries. This information will help develop better mapping solutions. One out of 10 people get a $50 (or the equivalent in local currency) American Express Gift Card. Please click the link below: http://www.icustomersatisfaction.com/surveys/index.php?sid=62645〈=en
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