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  1. After continuous support with Superserve, I was able to upload my own data. This was related to projection issues that Superserve resolved in the recent version. My department is seriously considering using Superserve as our mobile GIS application. Thank you Superserve for your support.
  2. I've reviewed Superserve and I am able to easily download it and learn it's basic functions. I can open a basemap with Openstreet Map and create new layers easily. However, I'm not yet able to upload my own existing data onto the ap. I've traded emails with a member of Superserve support, but no success yet in uploading my existing data. I have hopes that we'll figure out the solution but until then, I am struggling still to find a low-cost, easy to use ap for an iOS device that can map, create new layers, use existing data, and load it back to my geo-database. Thanks everyone for their advice. I appreciate your insight and support. Cheers!
  3. Hi roycastanares and Lurker, Thanks for the recommendation of Superserv. I'll look into it. Many of the features you mentioned align with my requirements. I am hoping to find an app that records way-points for delineation walks in the field in addition to drawing polygons and lines as well as point data. Also, data export options are valuable, too. I'll report with my findings after exploring the app. Finding an app I can use on a free trial basis is important for a municipal government worker who needs to be sure a tool will be useful before purchasing it (like other local governments, we have an extremely limited budget). I'm more cautious to try the app if the price is exorbitant. Of the few I've seen, I don't see "free trial" options common in GIS apps for iOS that have all the features I'm looking for like other non-GIS apps I've seen, so I can't say if there is a distinction between Android and iOS. Thanks again. Cheers.
  4. Thanks for replying and the suggestion. I've looked at GIS Pro & GIS Kit, but I didn't see a trial version to see if the software will work for me. The iOS system isn't well served by GIS softwares and I strongly dislike the GUI and navigation tablet systems tend to use. We might just go with a light-weight Windows laptop that folds into a tablet... Dang. Thanks again for the feedback. Cheers!
  5. Hello. I'm developing a new field data collection protocol for a municipal natural resource management agency. I'm struggling to find a GIS mapping and data collection app that works well for the iPad. I'm hesitant to jump into another ESRI product b/c it's crazy expensive and we already pay for desktop licenses and bureaucracy is slow. But I think it might be the only well functioning (maybe?) app for iOS at the moment. I'm looking for an application that can collect polygons and lines as well as point data. I found iGIS which is a "freemium" application, but I'm having trouble loading data in to the app. I'm new to the whole iPad experience anyway, so that might be it. But I've tried to follow the instructions carefully and I'm not getting the expected results... I was hoping to find a video tutorial but no luck and the instructions on the app are limited for troubleshooting. I've visited the app forum and no one else seems to have the problems I'm having. Waiting on a help-desk reply. Anyone out there have experience with iGIS app or alternative for iPad? Thanks in advance.
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