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  1. Small UAV-Based Surveying System for hydrographic applications. Find more information on Geo-matching.com https://lnkd.in/dTSx3zV
  2. View this survey video with the Trimble UX5 HP and many other videos and case studies on Geo-matching.
  3. View this video on a road survey with a mobile mapper on Geo-matching.com.
  4. PointCab Point Cloud Processing Software has recently added their software to Geo-matching. View this video on how this software can be used by surveyors, town and country planner, plant designers, engineers, monument preservationists, forensic experts and craftsman! http://geo-matching.com/products/videos/id3814-pointcab-suite.html
  5. Have a look at this great Maptek video on going offroad with a terrestrial laser scanner! http://geo-matching.com/products/videos/id2459-i-site-8820-.html
  6. Aerodata was commisioned to acquire a surface area of nearly 20,000 square km2 at 20cm GSD of France's Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - also know as PACA. The final products required were DSM, DTM, orthophoto mosaic, and meta-data of the area. Read the full case study on Geo-matching http://geo-matching.com/products/case-studies/id2203-a3-edge.html
  7. This 3D model of senseFly’s Swiss headquarters was generated in June 2015 using 72 high-resolution images captured by a senseFly albris drone (formerly called eXom). The building model, and this video fly-around, were generated using Pix4Dmapper software. View the full video on Geo-matching.com!
  8. With the majority of Geomaat’s work being road and highway survey based, the safety of staff is of great importance. Safety must also be achieved without compromising the quality of work produced for their customers. Traditional methods of measurement were previously used to carry out survey projects, such as the use of quads to measure automated white paint markings. This method of surveying had to be carried out at night with roads closed off. This was both costly and time-consuming. A mobile mapping system was seen as the solution to keep staff safe, reduce time and money and maintain high
  9. The Scout B1-100 UAV helicopter with laser payload on a mission flight in siberia. View this UAV and others on www.geo-matching.com.
  10. The Trimble UX5 HP is a professional aerial mapping system, designed to capture the highest image accuracy for survey applications. The features of the new UX5 High Precision include an integrated Trimble GNSS receiver, a powerful new camera, and a selection of camera lenses available for the ultimate in system flexibility. Visit Geo-matching for product videos, technical specs, brochures and more! http://www.geo-matching.com/products/videos/id3685-trimble-ux5-hp-.html
  11. For the past decade, static lidar (or laser scanning) has been used on construction sites to effectively monitor and provide spatial data for analysis of critical construction components. The term static typically refers to tripod-mountedinstruments such as a Total Station or ILRIS-3D. Thesedevices, while highly useful, have specialized utility and are therefore limited to specific functions. View the full case study here.
  12. Great video! Corridor Corridor in Turkey With an eBee Drone. View great case studies and videos on Geo-matching with this link. http://bit.ly/1Vv02L9.
  13. Hi Jonah, It depends, I advice to contact senseFly directly. You can do this directly by filling out the form on Geo-matching.com. A senseFly contact person will than contact you asap. http://geo-matching.com/suppliers/request/id337-sensefly.html
  14. A video crew follows senseFly's team of engineers as they mark a historic surveying milestone by using eBee mapping drones to photograph the epic Matterhorn, before generating an astounding 3D model of "the most beautiful mountain". The mission involved the coordination of several teams with multiple eBee UAVs taking over 2,200 images in 11 flights, all within a few hours on a sunny alpine morning. The results? A stunning high-definition 3D point-cloud comprised of 300 million points, covering an area of over 2,800 hectares and with an average resolution of 20 cm. http://geo-matching.com
  15. A very interesting video on how airborne laser scanning can be used for bathymetric surveying. http://www.geo-matching.com/products/videos/id1805-optech-czmil-nova.html
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