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Found 5 results

  1. Map This Way is an Android application suitable for cartographic field work. It lets you use your GPS equipped Android device as a mapping tool. Through an easy to use interface you may map Locations, Routes, Point of Interest or Polygon areas. It is probably the most useful application that I have ever developed it can be used in professional field work, in the collection of high quality map data also in biking, hiking, trekking, traveling etc. It helps you map new paths and new locations, keep notes from your travels with coordinates, date and time. Export you mapping data in KML files so you can view them in any modern GIS or in applications like WMS Viewer on line.
  2. I'm looking for a simple Android app allowing viewing shapefiles offline. Doesn't need to have any editing features, only shp viewer and GPS capabilities. What would be your recomendations for this kind of app?
  3. Hi, As a GISer, I am very happy to introduce you an Android Application "GIS News Reader" is available on Google Play. GIS New Reader brings all GIS news in on place for Free. Exciting to use and quick to read. It is for all who are interested in the domain of GIS (Geographic information system). https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.huluyige.gisnewsreader Enjoy your reading GIS news with this app!!!
  4. hi guys, i want to develop a mobile app with this features: 1-work offline on mobile and don't need to internet(disconnect mode) 2-can import layers to it in public extensions(shape file,personal geodatabase,kml) 3-can edit layers 3-have some forms and fields that fill by mobile user and save in database i think android is better platform for developing my app,so i need a gis service that can extend in android i know arcgis and developed web apps and desktop apps with that before,but in mobile app developping, i can't use it,because i had to use arcgisonline service to host my layers and i don't want share my map and want to host data locally and offline let me know -what i need -what gis service should us -what platform i choose -which is better thanks in advance......
  5. hello i want to develope a gis aplication based on arcgis by android sdk i want to inform my client from hardware and software he need to run this project after building it. please help me if you has experience in runnig arcgis application in android systems. tanx
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