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  1. I'm doing atmospheric corrections on RapidEye images in PCI Geomatica 2014 ATCOR. In the final results there are salt-and-pepper type errors in RE band 4 and 5. These errors only occurs when haze removal is do as part of ATCOR. However, I would really need to do the haze removal as part of the process, so does anybody have any solutions or ideas about this issue?
  2. I'm looking for a simple Android app allowing viewing shapefiles offline. Doesn't need to have any editing features, only shp viewer and GPS capabilities. What would be your recomendations for this kind of app?
  3. Thanks sigologo, How do I add the C-correction to the extensions of ENVI? I'm still really new with ENVI.
  4. What methods and software you usually use for topographic correction of high and medium resolution satellite images? I'm asking because the topographic correction outcomes of ACTOR are not usually that excellent.
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