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  1. I heard the new ArcGIS online subscription provides easy tools to create a web page embedded with maps , with minimum Programming knowledge. We can embed maps in the existing websites such as this one http://www.plusgis.com Or share our maps in social networks like facebook. I suggest our members make use of the one month trial subscription offered by AGOL. Happy webmapping !!
  2. Hia, I have a large 8 GB Mr Sid file ( Ortho image). How can I bring it into photoshop without losing the georeference information so that I can do some cloning etc and then safely merge them back to an original mosaic ? Regards Intellgis
  3. Hi all, I am looking for Village Boundary maps for India in GIS format. What would be the easiest/cost effective way for obtaining them ?
  4. I like to know if it is possible to extract All the Places of Interest, from Google Maps within a specific distance, say, 100 kms, from a given user's given known location. For example, will all surrounding restaurants, shopping centers, night clubs, types of eateries, all be extractable from Google Map as POIs, and displayed as a list , of nearby places to the user, even with their names known and distance from the user. Can it be done? Any ideas ?
  5. I am looking for street level road data for Turkey. How to get ESRI map data or street level data in vector format ( not as service). Any other sources for Turkey maps ? Any help is appreciated. Intellgis
  6. Thanks Jonah. But my first requirement is the shape files itself. If anybody can guide me where to get shape files for Turkey ( street level if possible) , then I am indebted.
  7. Hi , I need to substitute the map I am using in my android device due to poor coverage for the country ( its a open street based map). How can I get vector maps of a country ( tom tom/navteq/garmin etc) and convert it to the OSM format ? Any help is appreciated.
  8. Hi frnds, I have Worldview-2 Orthorectified Multispectral 8 band imagery. IS it possible to create a DEM from this imagery ? What are the steps and what is the advised software. Regards, Intellgis
  9. There is another good software which can extract elevations from google earth. The name is Model maker. More details @ Details are here http://www.modelmaker.co.za/products/model-maker-mainmenu-31/19.html
  10. Hi all, Whats the best software for generating DSM (Digital Surface model) from aerial images ? LPS eATE or Match-T DSM ? Another name I came across was Corrlelator 3D.Any suggestions would be appreciated. Regards,
  11. Hi folks, I am working on developing an android app which can load GIS shape files from SD card and do routing. Does any one guide me whether there are any GIS servers compatible with android, which can load shape files from local and out put as tiled cache ? The end requirement is it should navigation work offline. Any help is appreciated. Intellgis
  12. Hi, I have Stereo Analyst 9.3 and I wanna open DTM points in a dgn file. What is the option ? My ERDAS account not yet approved, thats why I asking this in this expert forum. Regards, Adarsh
  13. Hi, I would like to set up a photogrammetry division for my organisation with 2-3 work stations. The project would involve feature capture/DTM editing. Which would be the appropriate software in the range of below 10,000 $. Summit evolution and DTMaster ? Please advise.
  14. I encountered a problem in editing some landuse polygons. I want to cookie cut some polygons with some other polygons in same layer. Either I have to use cut polygon option which is tedious. Can I select the outer polygons and inner polygon and give any cookie cut option in ARcMAP 10. ? Thanks in advance.
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