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  1. if they do pull it off then they would be the third Titan in the mobile market, something Microsoft mobile failed miserably
  2. Now the question is, how will they lure app developers to port their software to HarmonyOS. whoever controls the App Market controls the Mobile Market.
  3. so its basically a software to see the plan for the building?
  4. I think you have better luck using a Photogametry softwares like 3DZephyr, Pix4d , or Photoscan than global mapper.
  5. im kinda old school so ER Mapper is my suggestion for you, it has served me well through the years. there is a medicine already made by the great Lomex here go find it.
  6. from a 100 bucks to 40 bucks for personal use for a year? my monthly train and bus fare is more expensive than this
  7. yeah they should fire the bloke who came up with the ribbon type on Mapinfo 64 bit, totally confusing, we had to relearn everything and i mean everything from scratch the function is there but its too confusing to find where it is, they even renamed some of the functions and some are just hidden away. so when i saw ArcPRO maaaaan... ArcMap users must be as confused as well , why is this ribbon developers so obsessed on confusing us, there is no need to make Mapinfo and Arcgis look like the new Microsoft Office
  8. this is how it look for flat earthers. heres how it supposed to look in the bible. here's another concept a perspective one I think its not nonesense if you have an open mind.
  9. I know by experience when i was visiting a project site in Western africa , if you see a black dude with an AK-47 near an alluvial areas, then that is where the Diamonds are. i hope that helps.
  10. same , i didnt buy any of those expensive $H#t with a 3 grand budget for macbook from the company I instead bought a 17 inch Alienware gaming rig lappy i7 proc, Nvidia GTX 8gig vram, chucked in 32 gig RAM memory, dual booted Mac OSX Mountain Lion then printed an giant Apple Sticker to hide the alien head ;). now my boss was wondering why my macbook pro looks bulky and huge .
  11. it actually runs natively pretty much as fast as you were in windows. unlike virtuals like parallel or vmwware where performance is halved and with limited 3D rendering crossover runs like you are on windows with full rendering in 3D graphics. the problem with crossover is its picky, ive been running Surpac and Mapinfo 32 bit on it for 6 months now and its running smoothly. just tried Arcgis with the new crossover, Ive patched it in a way it doesnt need the license manager this was one of the hiccup in the old days flexlm dont work with crossover. it installed ok runs well till you choose a t
  12. Had a play with Arcgis Desktop on Crossover Mac 16.2.x (Mac OS Mountain Lion 8 gig ram, Nvidia GTX graphics) They are getting there IMHO , I think the Python 2.6 support and dot net 4.5.2 which is now running well with Crossover made the difference Arcmap
  13. You may have not seen it in the other thread, but I'd like to make an apology to you regarding what I wrote. It's not fair to assume because others do it, you do as well. I've had people in the past message me on this site about software they are selling and it's increasing in frequency. This is why I reacted the way I did.

    I do not understand, nor pretend to understand the underpinnings of what "medicine" entails as I am just an end-user. Once again, I apologize.

  14. if you bootcamp it then its more than enough IMO if you plan to virutalize it in mac for example parallels then that is not enough. why dont you upgrade the ram to 8 gig. ram is cheap nowadays anyway.
  15. in the mining industry we prefer mapinfo because its cheap and it has Encom Discover Module which is more oriented towards our industry. in your case maybe it boils down on usability or ease of use or whichever you are confident to use. in the mining industry Mapinfo alone without Encom discover is like having a car without an engine.
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