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  1. This is the real challenges for Huawei how to convince their user to use this new operating system. But nothing is impossible...
  2. nice share Bro!! loved with the improvement of this PostgreSQL
  3. Thanks, @Lurker @dexgeo great introduction for a newbie like me. I have been using the trial version of dronedeploy. Not sure why the drone signal is not stable, as I never let the drone fly autonomously so I am bit nervous when the drone is out of my control.
  4. I am completely a beginner on Drone. I used it only for capturing video (aerial videography) which in my opinion bit useless for surveying activities. I would love to hear any suggestion on using drone for surveying and could anyone suggest any opensource drone app for surveying? I am using DJI Inspire-2
  5. Gercepp Om...aje gile 140 Gb tapi lebih baik begitu Om jaga-jaga
  6. I am successfully open the file via ArcGIS, but it could be also the shapefile.
  7. If I cut it into small pieces definitely it works. I successfully added it via PostGIS. Let's see if in the new QGIS it works!! anyway, thanks mate!!
  8. Dear Fellows, I am trying to add point feature data into QGIS (2.18), the shapefile itself has size around 300 Mb. Sadly QGIS said: "XXXX is not valid or recognize data source", I have yet trying to use the new version of QGIS. Anyone had a similar experience?
  9. I still don't get the receipt on putting everything at the same page on ppt. Sometimes it's frustrating with map tables and charts. Leaflet really helps me with offline map on ppt
  10. Dear All gisarea Designing a map which gave good interpretation is quite challenging in my opinion, and now I am facing new other challenges. Combining a map and power point :-D it sound easy for many people but not with me. When I am googling I found this interesting blog: geodharma "Quick & Beautiful Maps: Connecting ArcMap & PowerPoint…?" I would be happy to hear from all of you regarding your experiences in presenting map using power point or any other platforms you used.
  11. The price could be different in some countries. Not sure if that price is the cheapest one? with all those features and self-learning packaged for me, it's affordable
  12. applDear All, Anyone here uses arcgis for personal use? The price in Indonesia is IDR 549.000 around (USD 40)/year (does not include applicable sales Tax or VAT), the price includes as quotes. I am planning to buy, but I would like to hear from any of you who already used it. Thanks in advance.
  13. I am working with "layout.mxd". I have tried on another desktop and it works. But not in my desktop.
  14. thanks for your fast response yousef233. I have put the dataframelist before the loop it works but after the second trial it only added 1 single feature. I have made several trials by run the code via python window and jupyter notebook. I am just wondering, why the code sometime running properly but not in the other day.
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