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  1. using geopandas reprojection can be done by this gdf.to_crs (epsg:4326) or if you have reference crs from another geodataframe then gdf.to_crs(ref_gdf.crs)
  2. will it possible for you to illustrate it on a pictures?
  3. Yes, I want to add a point in existing Postgres table but via qgis (digitize it) by adding exact coordinates (XY) values. In ArcGIS, I can do that by using Absolute XY (F6). I know how to do it in qgis by using a plugin name LatLon Tools. The issues is those latlon tools cannot be used to add coordinate when when the data is called from the Postgres database.
  4. Basically, I want to add a feature point by a coordinate in QGIS where the feature itself is loaded from Postgres database. I know there is a plugin called LatLon Tools which provides the tool but sadly it cannot be done when the layer is loaded from Postgres database. anyone knows how to do it?
  5. I had never process lidar data, but worth to try QGIS as it is also provide LAStools, similarly to arcgis lastool. It also provide las data conversion to shp and vice versa. You might be want to check this site for references: lidar
  6. Look forward to play mario and legend of zelda on those device ­čśü
  7. SELECT *, st_buffer(geom,50) as geom INTO gis_osm_pois_buf FROM gis_osm_pois; add * in your query to include all your fields. As your new geom field is came from the st_buffer named it a geom/geometry/the_geom or as you prefer.
  8. woww!!! loved it..thanks @rahmansunbeam
  9. This is the real challenges for Huawei how to convince their user to use this new operating system. But nothing is impossible...
  10. nice share Bro!! loved with the improvement of this PostgreSQL
  11. Thanks, @Lurker @dexgeo great introduction for a newbie like me. I have been using the trial version of dronedeploy. Not sure why the drone signal is not stable, as I never let the drone fly autonomously so I am bit nervous when the drone is out of my control.
  12. I am completely a beginner on Drone. I used it only for capturing video (aerial videography) which in my opinion bit useless for surveying activities. I would love to hear any suggestion on using drone for surveying and could anyone suggest any opensource drone app for surveying? I am using DJI Inspire-2
  13. Gercepp Om...aje gile 140 Gb tapi lebih baik begitu Om jaga-jaga
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