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  1. Map and PowerPoint

    What's the point using PowerPoint for GIS presentations? What about another approach?
  2. How to convert Garmin IMG file into shapefile format

    Hi people, How do you export to shp files from GPSMapEdit? When I try, I get this message Export to ESRI shapefiles is available only in registered copy of GPSMapEdit (License 2.0) My GPSMapEdit is licensed with NGEN keygen.
  3. Hi people, Anyone got this CD with Data Base and exploitation software?
  4. How to set memory usage of Arcmap

    Believe me, you wouldn't like to see 99% Then you will not be able even to surf on Internet. I had such experience while rendering in 3ds Max. These are the moments when I realize that my CPU fan has another gear
  5. How to set memory usage of Arcmap

    I don't think this operation uses memory but a processor speed. When you start loading this shape, then your PC uses memory.
  6. Forum Error, please post here

    The same impression here. I believe admins will put it back after this IPB upgrade. BTW, you can use "All Activity".
  7. Shifting Elevation data from a geotiff image

    michaeledsome, You are at good position because you have your own drone and you can make images again as superspack said. Is your merged geotiff image completely plain, I mean no z coordinates at all? If so, and someone gets finished plain geotiff (with no chance to make images again himself), that would be real challenge. Is it possible at all? Using Map Algebra in ArcGIS?
  8. Why should someone buy MapInfo?

    This goes off the title topic ... My specialization is HVAC, I also work in the field of civil/road design, photogrammetry, water supply, sewer and storm, 3d visualizations for architects (from 1996.), web design ... These all have their specialized tools/software I use to make the job done. But they aren't the topic either ...
  9. Why should someone buy MapInfo?

    Hi juliusmall, As I already said, I work in the field of urban planning and make final documents (spatial plans) with 20-25 layouts, so no sending data from me to others for further processing. I collect all the data (some of them I make myself, in many different applications) of an urban area and after making decisions I make maps and layouts. Layout is the final product for me. No layout = no plan. Finished layout becomes the part of law. That's why I talk about core products, because I think making GIS maps and layouts should be the basic part of them. Making layouts in QGIS became very easy and intuitive.
  10. Why should someone buy MapInfo?

    And do you agree with my conclusion that "core" MapInfo is not better than QGIS?
  11. Why should someone buy MapInfo?

    Thanks for your inputs people. It is true that I come from Autodesk and ESRI World. I made thousands layouts in ArcView GIS and lately I made some identical (even better) in QGIS. In the era of ArcView GIS, MapInfo was good news for those wishing better Windows compatibility. I won't talk here about ArcGIS, because I don't think MapInfo (or any other software) can be compared with ArcGIS. I also know about strength of Encom products, and I understand those people using MapInfo with Encom. To my mind, (I may be wrong or blind) QGIS is better then "core" MapInfo. That's where I want clarification. I work in spatial planning firm, so final product for me is a map layout, not only analysis.
  12. Hi people, I've just installed MapInfo 15.2 x64 to setup some data for my friend using (in the firm he works with) legal MapInfo and all the time I have that feeling of something is missing or hidden in this software. I started using ArcView in 2001, and now for many years I use ArcGIS and QGIS, and also tried many others, including Geomedia Pro. Is there any particular reason to buy MapInfo when QGIS is so good lately. I do not see anything that MapInfo has and QGIS doesn't have. Or I miss something? Even I am still much more productive in ArcView 3.3 then in MapInfo. My first experience of MapInfo was v7.0 and in that time it didn't look so simple to me. I can't even get symbols scaling with zoom yet.
  13. Any GIS for district heating?

    3dbu, I didn't find any QGIS plugin good for this. What looks good to me was Bentley sisHYD software. I think it is lately called OpenUtilities Designer or OpenUtilities Map. https://www.bentley.com/~/asset/14/7208.ashx I don't see it is cured so far.
  14. Any GIS for district heating?

    Hi people, Is anyone here experienced in district heating GIS? There are very few GIS/CAD solutions in this field, even ArcGIS doesn't have data model or template made.

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