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  1. I don't use any VPN, and am experiencing similar problems with time out errors.
  2. Hi guys. Bit of a technical question here. I am experimenting with FMV on Arc and in QGIS. I used tutorial data to learn more about FMV, and then acquired UAS video from my employer. These videos did not work on both platforms, and after investigation I found that this was due to there being 12 audio streams in the videos. After getting rid of the audio using a video conversion application to get rid of the audio, I could sort of use it (In Arc I could see the video with the FMV plugin, but then realized there was no metadata in the converted video). I would like to know how I could convert video using COTS software, while keeping the metadata, but losing the audio, and how I could extract the metadata from the original video to save it as csv, and then recreate the video using multiplexer to combine the video and csv. Regards Pieter
  3. Hi guys. Just wanna know if Chatbox is working? I keep on getting a spinning kinda wheel?
  4. Yes I use it. Totally worth it!!
  5. Hi bramot Welcome here.... Have you tried osm2pgsql or osm2pgrouting? Pieter
  6. The VM's that I purchased are based on Ubuntu Server, so no gui. That is also my plan. I dont have an idea about Vagrant though. These images are very lightweight though
  7. Hi guys I was about to give a link to three GIS Virtual Machines that I purchased, but now have decided to create my own based on Ubuntu Server 16.04. I plan the following versions: 1. PostGIS and GeoServer 2. PostGIS and MapServer, and 3. PostGIS and QGIS Server Besides these packages, and dependencies, there will also be Shellinabox, and Samba. PostGIS will also include a couple of extra extensions like Pointcloud, PgRouting and FDW. I would like to know if there are any interest in this from the community? I will do this if there is enough interest. I would also like to know about any special requests that you might have, like other GIS Servers (for instance include GeoNode), or another Operating System like Centos. Pieter
  8. Mmmm, apt-get install ..... installing adware from Microsoft Store? LOL. Is the next Windows going to be called Winbuntu 24.04 LTR? LOL
  9. Hi. I am using OSX for experimenting with GIS. You can add Cartographica to your list as well (commercial). I am using Homebrew for the installations as well as some dmg's. Running LAStools with wine, others natively. Havent tried Arc in a VM yet.
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