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  1. I don't use any VPN, and am experiencing similar problems with time out errors.
  2. Hi guys. Bit of a technical question here. I am experimenting with FMV on Arc and in QGIS. I used tutorial data to learn more about FMV, and then acquired UAS video from my employer. These videos did not work on both platforms, and after investigation I found that this was due to there being 12 audio streams in the videos. After getting rid of the audio using a video conversion application to get rid of the audio, I could sort of use it (In Arc I could see the video with the FMV plugin, but then realized there was no metadata in the converted video). I would like to
  3. Hi guys. Just wanna know if Chatbox is working? I keep on getting a spinning kinda wheel?
  4. Yes I use it. Totally worth it!!
  5. Hi bramot Welcome here.... Have you tried osm2pgsql or osm2pgrouting? Pieter
  6. The VM's that I purchased are based on Ubuntu Server, so no gui. That is also my plan. I dont have an idea about Vagrant though. These images are very lightweight though
  7. Hi guys I was about to give a link to three GIS Virtual Machines that I purchased, but now have decided to create my own based on Ubuntu Server 16.04. I plan the following versions: 1. PostGIS and GeoServer 2. PostGIS and MapServer, and 3. PostGIS and QGIS Server Besides these packages, and dependencies, there will also be Shellinabox, and Samba. PostGIS will also include a couple of extra extensions like Pointcloud, PgRouting and FDW. I would like to know if there are any interest in this from the community? I will do this if there is enough interest.
  8. Mmmm, apt-get install ..... installing adware from Microsoft Store? LOL. Is the next Windows going to be called Winbuntu 24.04 LTR? LOL
  9. Hi. I am using OSX for experimenting with GIS. You can add Cartographica to your list as well (commercial). I am using Homebrew for the installations as well as some dmg's. Running LAStools with wine, others natively. Havent tried Arc in a VM yet.
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