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Found 8 results

  1. Dear Friends, Me and my colleagues are trying to make an application for routing purposes. This application has to be in a mutual transaction with a GPS tracking device obviously. Here come the issues we encounter 1. We are getting the login data but after that we need to send response to device with a format that device can verify server and then send actual GPS data to server. 2. We are not able to send login data to that device so that's why device not send us GPS data. 3. Login Data we are getting is like :- 2323101501f357367031649441529625060. 4. We are not getting further pro
  2. Hello friends, I think geospatial software (commercial and free), user cases, and problem solving issues related to people who uses mac as operative system, would worth having. I will list only a few of them (the ones I use or am interested in) to show that out there it might be a potential pool of users interested of what gisarea has to offer: tutorials, software, and solutions based on users' knowledge and experiences. Here is the gis/remote sensing list of software available for mac: qgis saga spatialite grass gis otb/monteverdi2 envi/idl tntmips postgresql/postgis cartographica Us
  3. Author: Daniel Macias Valadez, GNSS Analyst at Effigis Original text available here: http://bit.ly/1IYSbNY GPS, being the pioneer of all Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), is the only system that has remained fully operational for civilian use for more than two decades. The number of civilian applications has exploded in recent years and its popularity is undisputed. Other GNSS have had issues (GLONASS during the end of the 90s and the 00s) or are still incomplete (Galileo, BeiDou). This helps explain the fact that a large percentage of the population is familiar with the term “G
  4. The first user-friendly and professional application for windows phone devices that performs advanced Gps calculations and mapping. Intended for surveying engineers, civil engineers, architects as well as those involved in real estate. Description of software features: Computation of coordinates of surveying points and subsequent mapping of the points on the map. Ability to store point data files on phone and Onedrive. Exporting final results of calculations in Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) which is compatible with the most popular design software or a simple text file of point d
  5. Right now I was tasked in cleaning static GPS observation, e.g. cleaning noise and disabling some satellite observation. I'm doing well until I can't get fix on some of the baselines, Then I asked my one of my fellow what are the techniques in cleaning gps observation, they just told me that what they do is trial and error. Now, I want to ask, if there is another way, like some science in spotting weak satellite observation and cleaning data with precision. Thanks, hope someone who is expert in this field will be able to give me some hints on how to do this precisely. BTW.. I a
  6. Nexteq launches accelGRx, a platform for accelerating professional-grade GNSS receiver development. The platform provides open and production-ready hardware and software building blocks for GNSS receivers. accelGRx is ideal for organizations looking to research and develop new techniques and algorithms requiring deep in-receiver integreation or quickly produce a small, high performance receiver. accelGRx supports GPS L1 and Beidou B1, and the hardware is GLONASS and Galileo ready. It pairs a compact form factor and industry standard pin layout with a code and phase precision of 4 cm and 0.4
  7. Basic tutorial and manual for GPS and Total station https://www.dropbox.com/s/r4460yv9uwjqtaw/GIS_SOP.rar
  8. Hi guys I've made some maps with Mapwell that I would like to use with my Garmin nuvi 3490. I have yet to figure out what type of format a "car GPS" uses. Is it .img just like the handheld ones? I've tried to put a .img file on the memory card, but the map won't display. Also tried loading the map with Garmin Mapinstall, but the map does not appear as an option. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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