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Found 4 results

  1. Hello friends, I think geospatial software (commercial and free), user cases, and problem solving issues related to people who uses mac as operative system, would worth having. I will list only a few of them (the ones I use or am interested in) to show that out there it might be a potential pool of users interested of what gisarea has to offer: tutorials, software, and solutions based on users' knowledge and experiences. Here is the gis/remote sensing list of software available for mac: qgis saga spatialite grass gis otb/monteverdi2 envi/idl tntmips postgresql/postgis cartographica Us
  2. G’day ‘GIS Area’ I’ve got a bit of a tricky conceptual problem and was looking to see if anyone had any thoughts. I have a vast area of low lying saltbush and grassy pastoral land (approximately 80km2) in which have been randomly placed several thousand lengths of white PVC piping protruding approximately a foot or so out of the ground more or less vertically (with no caps) above the majority of the grass and stubble. I’m attempting to use drones to scan the surface and get precise coordinates of every one of these lengths of pipe; however I haven’t been able to land on a method of
  3. GeoScan is a St. Petersburg based company operating all over Russia. GeoScan constructs and produces unmanned aerial systems (UAS), develops software for planning and execution flight missions and for processing aerial survey data. GeoScan aerial mapping kits UAS Geoscan were created to generate precise and highly-detailed orthophotos, DEMs and 3D-models of terrain. All necessary equipment and software for aerial surveys and data post-processing are included in kit. Unmanned aerial vehicles of different ranges can make surveys of both detached buildings, constructions, excavations an
  4. Great Drones Models available: The Draganflyer Guardian,The Draganflyer X6,The Draganflyer X4-P, The Draganflyer X4-ES and The Draganflyer Tango UAV. Draganflyer X4-ES & X4-P - Four Blade Copter New Aerial System to Capture Accurate Aerial Imagery Draganfly Innovations, Canada, has partnered with Pix4D, Switzerland, to combine the value of a Draganflyer sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial System) with the Pix4D software package. This results in a system capable of capturing highly accurate aerial imagery for mapping, surveying and creating 3D models. The Draganflyer Solutio
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