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Found 4 results

  1. Hello friends, I think geospatial software (commercial and free), user cases, and problem solving issues related to people who uses mac as operative system, would worth having. I will list only a few of them (the ones I use or am interested in) to show that out there it might be a potential pool of users interested of what gisarea has to offer: tutorials, software, and solutions based on users' knowledge and experiences. Here is the gis/remote sensing list of software available for mac: qgis saga spatialite grass gis otb/monteverdi2 envi/idl tntmips postgresql/postgis cartographica Usually, installation and troubleshooting of software on mac is quite different than windows, so having a topic forum dedicated to all things mac will help a lot of users. Also, for people that use ArcGIS virtualized on mac (as I do) would be great to have a place to go. Please fell free to share your thoughts! Cheers, GSQ
  2. G’day ‘GIS Area’ I’ve got a bit of a tricky conceptual problem and was looking to see if anyone had any thoughts. I have a vast area of low lying saltbush and grassy pastoral land (approximately 80km2) in which have been randomly placed several thousand lengths of white PVC piping protruding approximately a foot or so out of the ground more or less vertically (with no caps) above the majority of the grass and stubble. I’m attempting to use drones to scan the surface and get precise coordinates of every one of these lengths of pipe; however I haven’t been able to land on a method of doing this as yet. I’ve considered scanning the area with hyperspectral sensors and then performing a supervised classification of the data using the reflectance signature of the white PVC piping however the thin topographical cross-section of the pipes means too little of the PVC would be observable from a drone scanning the ground from directly above. The only thing I can think of to resolve this issue would be to tilt the sensor so that the resultant images capture the sides of the PVC rather than the tops and then adjusting the coordinates somehow. If anyone has any thoughts on this, or any other potential solution to my piping problem, I’d greatly appreciate the input. P.S. I'm quite a novice at remote sensing and airborne research so as jargon free a response as is practical would be appreciated also... Regards MattRNR
  3. GeoScan is a St. Petersburg based company operating all over Russia. GeoScan constructs and produces unmanned aerial systems (UAS), develops software for planning and execution flight missions and for processing aerial survey data. GeoScan aerial mapping kits UAS Geoscan were created to generate precise and highly-detailed orthophotos, DEMs and 3D-models of terrain. All necessary equipment and software for aerial surveys and data post-processing are included in kit. Unmanned aerial vehicles of different ranges can make surveys of both detached buildings, constructions, excavations and elongated linear and areal objects. Agisoft PhotoScan Pro software, which is used in more than 50 countries for photogrammetric processing of aerial images, is also included in kit. GeoScan 101 – the wheelhorse of cadastral mapping services and different survey works. Used for carrying out cartographic materials of 5 sq.km areal or 25 sq.km linear objects per flight. Long-lasting periods of exploitation in numerous companies over the whole Russia and boarding countries prove and guarantee the reliability, safety and usability of this aerial mapping kit. GeoScan 101 has been created with safety in mind. Human factor is eliminated on all flight stages. This is especially important during takeoff and landing. All you need to start a flight is to set plane on a catapult and press Strart button on the ground control station. When mission is completed GeoScan returns back and smoothly descends on a parachute. Web link http://www.geoscan.aero/en/geoscan-101 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GeoScan 200 – the latest solution of Mapping kits, based on UAV with extended airlift and flight duration. Exceptionally effective in aerial surveys of elongated areal and linear objects (up to 15 sq.km per flight). GeoScan 200 aerial mapping kit is designed for broad application spectrum. It may be configured for acquisition of aerial photographs or for on-line visual monitoring. The main feature of all GeoScan sytems is high automaziation. Of all operations — from flight planning to export of the final data. Agisoft PhotoScan Pro photogrammetric software is used for processing UAV data all over the globe. A copy of PhotoScan is included in every single GeoScan kit making data processing fast and simple. Web link http://www.geoscan.aero/en/geoscan200 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GeoScan 401 – multicopter-based solution for obtaining highly-detailed 3D-models of local objects, for carrying out photo- and videomonitoring. GeoScan 401 is developed for two broad application fields. Equipped with digital camera it allows to produce detailed 3D models and photomaps of limited areas and separate objects. In alternative configuration with videocamera and data transmission kit onboard GeoScan 400 is used for online visual monitoring of cell and power transmission towers, airborne control operation in case of emergency response. Web link http://www.geoscan.aero/en/geoscan401 Main Web Page http://www.geoscan.aero/en/
  4. Great Drones Models available: The Draganflyer Guardian,The Draganflyer X6,The Draganflyer X4-P, The Draganflyer X4-ES and The Draganflyer Tango UAV. Draganflyer X4-ES & X4-P - Four Blade Copter New Aerial System to Capture Accurate Aerial Imagery Draganfly Innovations, Canada, has partnered with Pix4D, Switzerland, to combine the value of a Draganflyer sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial System) with the Pix4D software package. This results in a system capable of capturing highly accurate aerial imagery for mapping, surveying and creating 3D models. The Draganflyer Solution is a “Pro Solution Pack” from Draganfly Innovations. Included is a Draganflyer Guardian or Draganflyer X4-ES aerial platform with a high resolution 20MP 1″ sensor payload or Tetracam multispectral payload and Pix4Dmapper. The Draganflyer GCS (Ground Control Station)software generates pre-flight grid pattern flight plans which provide automated image overlap optimised for the Pix4Dmapper. The system performs an automated grid search and stays within the confines of the grid to create square corners and eliminate over-flight of bordering property. The resulting images are processed by Pix4Dmapper to create first class results. Lidar Precision Pix4D converts thousands of aerial images, taken by the Draganflyer platform, into geo-referenced 2D mosaics and surface models and point clouds. This processing solution combines ideas from computer vision with the accuracy of traditional, achieving results with survey-grade accuracy and up to centimetre-grade-like precision. Pix4Dmapper features advanced support of GCPs (Ground Control Points) for optimal geo-location and proposes both a “Full Processing” mode as well as a “Rapid Check” mode that lets you assess the quality of your acquired data while still on site. Output results can be imported seamlessly into any, CAD, or traditional suite. Pix4Dmapper includes the “rayCloud”, an innovative concept that combines the generated by Pix4Dmapper with the original still images for easy viewing. The rayCloud editor lets users assess, edit, interpret, and improve their results directly in the and allows for highly accurate object annotation and project accuracy improvement. Worlds most Advanced Platform The Draganflyer X4-ES helicopter is a professional quality, powerful, easy to fly aerial platform specifically designed for Public Safety use. The aircraft is reliable because it's constructed using high quality carbon fiber and injection molded components meaning that when you need to fly, the aircraft will perform. Vision Based System (VBS) The ergonomically designed controller provides precise aircraft control, real-time aircraft telemetry, spoken verbal alarms, camera control, on-screen live digital video down-link, mapping, and semi-autonomus flight modes for altitude hold and GPS position hold functions; meaning that in one small package you have all the information you need at your finger tips. The new handheld GCS is a work or art and the integrated display and verbal alarms ease pilot load making it a dream to fly. Incredible Aerial Photos & Video The X4-ES helicopter system delivers a high quality digital video from a wide variety of cameras. When flying a digital IP camera payload the system is delivering 5mp live video providing razor sharp real-time video. We can deliver this quality because the camera gimble is gyro stabilized in the pitch and roll axis, the camera is vibration isolated and the video data is delivered through a dedicated digital communications channel. This combination helps keep the camera on target and provides highly detailed results DraganFlyer X4-P X4-P in Yellow, and ready for flight. The high intensity navigation LEDs provide an excellent visual reference even in direct sunlight. LED brightness is remote controlled via the handheld controller. And pictured is the SONY NEX5n mounted on the Draganfly gyro stabilized (in pitch axis) camera mount with onboard IMU to keep that camera steady and on-the-shot. The helicopter is a complete system designed, manufactured and supported by Draganfly Innovations -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Draganfly Tango UAV Aerial Video and Photography How do you get professional quality aerial video and pictures in remote, hazardous, or urban areas where full size aircraft are not practical? The Draganfly (DF) Tango, a new, easy to operate unmanned aerial vehicle could be the perfect answer. The Draganfly Tango is the most recent airplane released by Draganfly Innovations Inc. The DF Tango is designed as an effective solution for hard to get aerial images. This fully customizable aircraft comes as a complete turn key package that can be safely operated by one person. A complete DF Tango package comprises of: the Tango airframe, the bungee launching system, and all of the flight systems. All of these components are stored and transported in sturdy, military grade cases. Tandem Wings The unique tandem wing design of the Draganfly Tango not only looks impressive but greatly adds to the performance of the vehicle. By using a patented tandem wing configuration the DF Tango is able to perform exceptionally well at low speeds and has very mild stall characteristics. Rather than violently spinning like a conventional plane, if the DF Tango is stalled the nose will gently drop and the plane will "self correct" once it has gained enough airspeed. Only 3 Minutes to Launch Launching the plane is a simple task as it is done with an included bungee launching system which can be assembled in about 3 minutes. The Draganfly Tango UAV Airplane is capable of autonomous flight and has a maximum flight time of 50 minutes. Draganfly Tango UAV Electronics Case Includes, LiPo battery charging system, radio control unit, batteries, and bungee launcher. Draganfly Tango UAV Transport Case The Draganfly Tango UAV Airplane easily disassembles to fit in its transport case. Draganfly Tango UAV Aerial Photography The Draganfly Tango UAV Airplane is capable of carrying a 10MP digital still camera with remote controlled zoom and shutter. Take multiple images in sequence and import them into special software that creates one large panoramic image. Automatic Flight Leveling System Although the DF Tango has exceptional roll and yaw stability in winds and turbulence, it has also been equipped with a flight leveling system similar to the thermal intelligence used on the Draganflyer V Ti. This feature consists of four thermal sensors and some intricate circuitry that can tell the difference between the ground and the sky. If the plane starts heading towards the ground it will automatically regain level flight to prevent a possible crash. Camera Packages The optional camera package comes pre-installed in the aircraft and in a hardshell case for storage and transportation. The standard wireless video base station includes: a diversity receiver, two patch antennas to receive the 2.4 GHz video signal sent by the onboard video transmitter, to power the receiver, a three cell 1320 mAh lithium polymer battery is included, a video recorder and monitor can also be mounted in the base, and station; these are not included with the standard base station. There is also a deluxe base station available. this upgrade includes everything in the standard base station plus a 5 inch monitor and digital video recorder installed on a panel mount. Web page http://www.draganfly.com/
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