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  1. All these climate data usually have the same extent and the same number of rows/cols, so I suggest you to read your TIF - iteratively - and put them into a numpy array, then do the sum and keep another numpy array with the results. In that way you'll only have 2 variables to deal with (you input_TIF and you sum_TIF), and your memory consumption will be very low, and your speed will increase substantially. Good luck! GSQ
  2. Skip Desktop, go to Pro if you want fast results from your scripts!
  3. Hi @Lurker, I guess - for starting - a sharing forum will fulfill most users' needs. Cheers, GSQ
  4. Hello friends, I think geospatial software (commercial and free), user cases, and problem solving issues related to people who uses mac as operative system, would worth having. I will list only a few of them (the ones I use or am interested in) to show that out there it might be a potential pool of users interested of what gisarea has to offer: tutorials, software, and solutions based on users' knowledge and experiences. Here is the gis/remote sensing list of software available for mac: qgis saga spatialite grass gis otb/monteverdi2 envi/idl tntmips postgresql/postgis cartographica Usually, installation and troubleshooting of software on mac is quite different than windows, so having a topic forum dedicated to all things mac will help a lot of users. Also, for people that use ArcGIS virtualized on mac (as I do) would be great to have a place to go. Please fell free to share your thoughts! Cheers, GSQ
  5. Yes you can. Just install the desktop option and you'll have them all!
  6. Are you on windows, linux, mac ? On windows use the OSGeo4W installer selecting the "Desktop Express" option. That must be enough to have qgis, saga, grass, otb installed. Cheers. GSQ
  7. Hi @nichess, I've never had this kind of problem. Sorry, but I have no idea how to get rid of it. Regards, GSQ
  8. There's a problem with teamviewer. You can only see a black screen when you access the virtual machine. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or some configuration/firewall setting is missing. Thanks for your replies. I'll keep on searching. GSQ
  9. Dear forum, I have a question for you: how can I manage to license eCognition or ArcGIS in a machine where I can only have access through Remote Desktop? I tried with both software, but I got a Flexnet error which says that the licensing software cannot license a machine being accessed remotely? I let you here a link with a forum talking about something similar at what I've got: http://community.flexerasoftware.com/showthread.php?t=173582&highlight=remote+desktop Thanks for your help! GSQ
  10. hello guys, someone has a working version of purVIEW??? Thanks, GSQ
  11. Hi forum, I have a big problem with Geomatica 2012 SP1. Focus and Orthoengine crashes all the time after a few seconds of starting them, without doing anything not a single click. I'm using the installer provided by Lomex on Windows 7 x64. Did you have the same proble, if so, did find a solution already? Thanks a lot for your help! Regards, GSQ
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