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  1. The first user-friendly and professional application for windows phone devices that performs advanced Gps calculations and mapping. Intended for surveying engineers, civil engineers, architects as well as those involved in real estate. Description of software features: Computation of coordinates of surveying points and subsequent mapping of the points on the map. Ability to store point data files on phone and Onedrive. Exporting final results of calculations in Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) which is compatible with the most popular design software or a simple text file of point details such as coordinates. The resulting mapping can be used for all surveying/topographical needs including amateur viewing of prospective real estate endeavors. Intuitive user interface, taking full advantage of the windows phone touch-screen capabilities, allowing the smooth use of the application in an outdoors environment. Mapping allows you the following views: * road/ aerial/ hybrid/ terrain Supported Coordinate Systems: • Universal Traverse Mercator (UTM) • British Grid (OSGB36) • Greek Grid 1987 (HGRS87 / ΕΓΣΑ 1987) http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/gps-mapper/f1827bc8-c52e-4c2b-89fa-8a287b50cbe1
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