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  1. Hi, If you are interested Turkey road data we will help you thru [email protected]
  2. Hello, In 2011, We use version 4.2 thru TCS , Still u are using 3.2..Just check it for latest SW...
  3. Hello, It is Possible.U can get ur desired POIs on ur specific Distance..
  4. Nexteq launches accelGRx, a platform for accelerating professional-grade GNSS receiver development. The platform provides open and production-ready hardware and software building blocks for GNSS receivers. accelGRx is ideal for organizations looking to research and develop new techniques and algorithms requiring deep in-receiver integreation or quickly produce a small, high performance receiver. accelGRx supports GPS L1 and Beidou B1, and the hardware is GLONASS and Galileo ready. It pairs a compact form factor and industry standard pin layout with a code and phase precision of 4 cm and 0.4 mm respectively for both GPS L1 and Beidou B1. It incorporates an array of software development tools, including the ability to record and play back digitized signals. An accelGRx licensee wil have tools to develop and test new deep in-receiver integration techniques and algorithms: • Access to all source code, logic and tools • Deep in-receiver access to real-time GNSS information • PC-based software model of receiver platform • Store and playback of digitized signals for development and testing • Testing with production-ready receiver and real-world conditions An accelGRx licensee will have the necessary assets and tools to begin commercialization immediately after development is complete: • Hardware design (schematic, PCB layout, and BOM) • FPGA logic design • Full tracking and PVT source code • Receiver operating system • Design documentation and manuals
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