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  1. Hello, Add both raster to ArcMap Open Windows -> Image Analysis Select rasters in Image Analysis window (not in Toc) Use key in Processing window Composit Bands You will get the virtual combined raster which you can export if necessary
  2. Dear Lurker, I don't know....why I got the inactive member.....I am regularly here..
  3. hi adnan, 1. First stack the multispectral bands except the thermal (band 6) and panchromatic (Band 8). In your case may be 1, 2, 3, 4 Using ERDAS: Image Interpreter ->Utilities->Layer Stack Now you have one multistektral image with 30 m and panchromatic (in Landsat ETM Band 8 ) with 15 m. 2. Fusion the stacked image with panchromatic ERDAS: Image Interpreter -> Spatial Enhancement -> Resolution Merge Select high resolution input as panchromatic image Multispectral as stacked image There are several chose for methods you can tray which one more suitable I hope it will
  4. layer stake will not improve the spatial resolution of result image right way is image fusion
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