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  1. Do you have the PM me for activation code for the Agisoft PhotoScan or Metashape ?

  2. I use MS OneNote to capture screenshot ....and it saves if you need it again later....Also can save files on your hard drive.
  3. Thank you everyone. My employer only has ERDAS, so I have been using AutoSync lately and got to learn and dive into it and it is really great software to use. Regards !
  4. Which one do you recommend me to use ERDAS AutoSync or Photogrammetry to orthorectify many old aerial photos ? I have about 600 of them. The aerial photos I have do not have georeferenced.
  5. What is the best site for me to upload GIS data or materials here ?

    ArcGIS 10.x

    You guys are awesome and thanks for sharing...What is the requirement for ArcGIS server to install ? I can take a look at on ESRI website however How do I pulled up my laptop 's information ?

    ArcGIS 10.x

    If I download ArcGIS 10.x can I install ArcGIS Server on my laptop ? I'd like to learn how to use ArcGIS server ? Any feedback ?
  8. I have both ERDAS and ENVI but they are both good to have around but I find ENVI to work best when you mosaic than ERDAS. ERDAS is good for an advanced remote sensing....
  9. I would like to create a NDVI Time Series map? How do I do that? The one I probably would like to have similar like this http://proceedings.esri.com/library/userconf/proc02/pap0593/p05931.jpg I created many NDVI for each or several months from the year of 2002 to 2013? 1) Do I need to add monthly NDVI to create an output monthly NDVI file and then the next step is to take new output monthly NDVI to produce a new output one year file? (or) 2) Add all the NVDI from one year to generate a new output for one year file ? The NDVI were produced from an ASTER.
  10. I am using Windows 7 SP 1 and I did repair the installation as well.
  11. Does anyone in here have an issue with KML to Layer ? My ArcGIS at work and home failed and produced nothing. Is there a bug for that ? I am using ArCGIS 10.1 SP 1 Build 3143 ? It looks like my computer may have missed some latest files such as msxml or .NET framework it needs to run properly.
  12. Simpliy add a basemap and then bring in your cadstral map with satellite image in too and then zoom in the area with the basemap and then use "Fit to Display" to get the cadstral map with satellite image to show up and then use the Georeferencing toolbar to georeference it. Then when you are done with georeferenced save as a new file and then reprojected to your area known coordinate system.
  13. I am not sure about this but when I browse and select one scene it should have tell you downloadable in yellow highlight however if it does not show it it means it is not downloadable and you might have to wait until later.
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