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  1. Hi I am thinking of taking the ArcGIS Desktop Professional Certification Exam in the next few months time. I've never taken such an exam before but do not want to take the Basic and Associate certification and jump directly to the Professional. Has anyone taken such an exam? How would you advise for or against taking it (it costs 225 USD)? And do you have any advice on exam preparation? Thanks, sss4sss
  2. Well, if ArcGIS requires licensing fee and so does GIS.XL, why don't you guys give QGIS a shot? QGIS is arguably the most powerful free and open-source GIS software. Using GIS.XL requires both MS Office's and the add-on's licenses (of course without considering pirated software).
  3. I still can feel the horror of what happened 10 years ago in Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia and other countries. Ten years have passed but the images of the dead lining up the streets of Banda Aceh are still vivid in my eyes.
  4. Be ware with what you store in the cloud service. Always remember to encrypt your data with very strong encryption. We never know what those cloud services will have to do with our files. Basically, our data are stored on their server's hard drive and that means we never know if they are actually deleted when we decide to delete our data. Maybe only the index to our data is deleted while the actual data are still stored on their server.
  5. I use Avast free edition. But, I think the best ever Antivirus is our common sense.
  6. Try Clip tool in ArcToolbox. 1. Add all raster files you want to clip to ArcMap (actually this is optional only. You can browse to your raster data later if you don't add them to ArcMap) 2. Add your clip feature to ArcMap (most likely it's a polygone shapefile). This is also optional only. 3. Now open ArcToolbox. 4. Go to Data Management Tools --> Raster --> Raster Processing 5. Double click on Clip (this will open the toolbox). 6. If you want to do batch processing, right-click instead of double click and choose Batch... 7. It's better if you try a single processing first to see if it works for you. 8. The toolbox is self-explaining, so I won't give any more explanation. 9. Don't forget to tick the Use Input Features for Clipping Geometry (optional). This checkbox will tell the toolbox to ignor the X,Y max, min values given on top. 10. Name your raster without an extension if you want your result as a GRID format. 11. Click OK and that's it. If it works for a single processing, there's no reason it won't work in batch processing. Tell us if it works for you. It always works for me so far. Good luck
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