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  1. Dear Ahmed there is no method to extract Vacant land by normal classification because the classification based on pixel value which reflect the surface type . the vacant land has no pacified surface or soils i mean may be initially roads or airport or any empty land . so the only way to extract vacant land based on visualization method . greetings
  2. Dears Could any one help me to get radiometric correction parameter for hyperspectral images EO1 Hyperion ?
  3. okay you can export DWG files to shape files pr data base then only selct start editing from editing menu and you can modified any elements on drawings .
  4. i think the option dos not work with erdas 2013
  5. the tool is compatible with arc 9.3 and 10 not with version 10.1
  6. because the Landsat 8 contains of 11 band
  7. thank you for post the landsat data will be avaliable in the last of may 2013 for all places
  8. hello everybody i would like to introduce my self my name Ahmed Omar from Egypt (Cairo) my studying field is geomatics (remote sensing and gis specially) i have got at gis diploma and now am in pre master stage UNIGIS salazburg university Austria the hazard facing is my area of interest I am happy to communicate with you and I am happy friendship Ahmed Omar [email protected]
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