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  1. Hi 

    I just followed as 

    1) Exported the DI Line and Oldline layers of cad 

    2) Selected the DI Line and OldLine layers from Annotation layer of cad then converted to Geodatabase annotation and by select by attributes  deleted unwanted features and done spatial Join ..

    Wrong diameter were taken in the shapefile..

    Please can you have a look over the cad file 

    I shall Highly thankful to you brother..



  2. Sorry you are having issues. What software are you trying to import the dwg drawings into? If you are using ArcMap 10 and later then the following should be of help. Convert CAD Feature Layer opens the Copy Features tool Convert CAD Feature Dataset opens the CAD To Geodatabase tool. Convert to Geodatabase Annotation opens the Import CAD Annotation tool. Alternatively you could use your existing CAD software and convert each layer in CAD to shapefile by using select by attributes then export that data as a shapefile. As with all CAD drawings you will have to decide what geometry each output will have in the new shapefile format. For example, an open ended Line, you would export as a polyline shapefile, a closed line would be a polygon shapefile and so on. Hope that helps.
  3. Been so long I see the software section is gone. Is there anyway to get access now? Thanks
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