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  1. hi every one, i am in UAE, i want job in GIS field........... any one know any opperchunity please email me at [email protected] Thanks
  2. Hi, Whenever i try to run multiple update queries at the same time , i will encounter this error "Characters Found After End Of SQL Statement". update Table1 set ColumnA="A" Where ColumnB="B"; update Table1 set ColumnA="C" Where ColumnB="D"; Do any one has idea on how to overcome this? I find online and some suggest that make a macro and run the queries in the macro. BUT I find out that the queries that i can put into macro does not support multiple update queries at the same time. Does anyone has idea on this?
  3. Thanx plz tell how i check spell in excel. thanx Again
  4. Hi Everyone Please Tell me how i check Spell in Attribute table of Shpfile in Arcmap. if anyone have Tool or Script u Please help me. Thanks Shahid GHufran
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