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  1. Thank you very much. It's really a very good information. These texts are missing images which has been referred here.
  2. Yes.. fuse both images... stacked image with pancromatic one.
  3. Have you ever seen a book in PDF "Remote Sensing of the Environment" by John R Jensen.. Looking for this, could not find yet
  4. Hi All, I have name of species in Rows and no and places found (states) in columns. Something like- 3 states (X,Y,Z) in a country name UCB.... Excel database: Database is in excel and SQL. I have shape file of country with states attributes. I want to link these non spatial database to country so that I can see these in maps. I am running join command in ArcMap10 to link my excel database, but it gives me output in only three rows (states). Means species A, B & C are linked and D,E,F,G are lost, and this is because country shape file has only rows of sates X, Y, Z poly
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