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  1. Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS 3.14.2 Locus Map Pro offers all features above a wide selection of maps: Online maps - US - USGS, OpenStreetMaps, MapQuest… - Europe - IGN (France), Outdooractive (Germany, Austria - coming soon), Ordnance Survey Opendata (UK), Kapsi.fi (Finland), Turistautak (Hungary), SHOCart (Czech and Slovak rep.), Osmapa.pl, (Poland), Skoterleder (Sweden), Map1.eu (Europe), Swiss Topo … - other parts of the World - Visicom (Asia), Freemap, GSI maps (Japan), SledMap (World), Navigasi (Indonesia), Turaterkep, NzTopoMaps (New Zealand), ChartBundle (United States) and others -
  2. You can use Locus GIS See link below: http://www.locusmap.eu/locus-gis-android-gis-application/
  3. Commercial solution: http://www.virtuelcity.com/en/3d-software-and-services/3d-gis-rcp-manager
  4. The best way is following: 1. Install Bentley map 2. Install FME Desktop 32 bit version https://www.safe.com/solutions/for-applications/bentley/bentley-map/3. You have to learn some FME features (for example dgn styler....) for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW-ga2HVkQ0 You can create two-way own applications ! Good luck
  5. Avenza Geographic Imager can work with 4 bands. I don´t know another software(4bands) . It is plugin into the Photoshop.
  6. You will try Microstation and mdl application Terrascan. Terrascan:www.terrasolid.com
  7. Arto, Register in the site http://www.ecognition.com/community Sign in. Use this link below http://community.ecognition.com/home/TemplateMatchingDemos.zip/view?searchterm=template%20matching 7 demo projects which give you an introduction to the new template matching feature in eCognition 9.0.
  8. Maybe this software resolve your problem.
  9. Rasterio employs GDAL under the hood for file I/O and raster formatting. Its functions typically accept and return Numpy ndarrays. Rasterio is designed to make working with geospatial raster data more productive and more fun. https://pypi.python.org/pypi/rasterio/0.16
  10. GIPPY is made up of python bindings to a C++ library called GIPS. GIPS is built on top of GDAL and an image processing template library called CImg. GIPPY provides a similar, yet simpler interface than GDAL for opening, creating, and reading geospatial raster files. Convenience functions have been added to make common tasks achievable with fewer lines of code. Most notably GIPPY adds image processing functionality on top of GDAL for easier automation of processing functions. The main objects in the GIPPY library are the GeoRaster, which is a single raster band, and a GeoImage, which is a coll
  11. Mr. roycastanares You can use some workflows, for example: 1. Automatic surfacing http://www.geomagic.com/en/community/videos/geomagic-studio-2013-automatic-surfacing/ 2. Exact surfacing http://www.geomagic.com/en/community/videos/geomagic-studio-12-exact-surfaces/ 3. Other approach is followed: a. You have to create mesh b. You can use repotology techniques, for example: http://3d-coat.com/retopology/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpVCvgvzR_I http://matt-clark.co.uk/wrapit/spe.php?o=177
  12. Maybe you looking for Meshlab. Meshlab is able to save many pointcloud formats to the "dxf". http://meshlab.sourceforge.net/
  13. Maybe you looking for this application: http://sscweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/tipsod/
  14. Mr. roycastanares Maybe you looking for this solution below: http://www.kubit-software.com/CAD/Products/PointSense/3D_Laser_Scanner_Building.php or http://www.clearedge3d.com/products/edgewise-building/
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