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    What's new in ArcGIS Pro 3.1

    By Lurker,
    Catalog layers You can create and draw catalog layers in maps and scenes. A catalog layer is a collection of item references to local and shared datasets, layers, services, and workspaces from various work environments.  Automatic resizing of layout elements When you change the page size or orientation of a layout, you can automatically resize and reposition layout elements.  Time-enabled scene layers You can time-enable point, 3D object, or building scene layers to visu

    Earthquake Hit Syria and Turkey with Magnitude 7.8 R

    By Lurker,
    On February 6, around 4:15 a.m. local time, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck south central Turkey near the Turkey/Syria border. Just 11 minutes later, it was followed by a magnitude 6.7 aftershock. The largest aftershock at the time of writing was a M7.5 aftershock which struck 95 km (~60 miles) to the north. USGS observations and analyses indicate all these events are occurring within the East Anatolian fault system. Though an earthquake of this magnitude is rare anywhere in the world, th

    Innovative system for multidimensional and multitemporal monitoring of the coastal zone using an autonomous unmanned vessel (4DShoreMap)

    By 4DShoreMap,
    I would like to present a project withthe acronym 4DShoreMap that has been going on for a year. The project is called „Innovative system for multidimensional and multitemporal monitoring of the coastal zone using an autonomous unmanned vessel” (4DShoreMap). It will use an Auonomous Surface Vehicle called HydroDron-1. The goal of the project is development of a prototype of a multidimensional and multitemporal coastal zone monitoring system using autonomous unmanned floating platforms platfo

    Landsat Next: A 26-band 10m resolution Landsat 10

    By rahmansunbeam,
    Following the successful launch of Landsat 8 and during the development of Landsat 9, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and NASA assembled a team of experts from within both agencies for a Joint Agency Sustainable Land Imaging Architecture Study Team to evaluate how to inform an acquisition strategy for a follow-on mission that would best satisfy the diverse and evolving user needs collect by the USGS. The highest-recommended architecture was a small constellation of “superspectral

    China launches Gaofen 11-04

    By Lurker,
    A Long March-4B (CZ-4B serial number Y55) rocket launched the Gaofen-11 04 observation satellites from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center (platform LC9), north China's Shanxi Province, Dec. 2022, at 15:37 Beijing time (07:37 UTC). According to official sources, Gaofen-11 04 (高分 十一 号 04, Gāo Fēn Shíyī hào04, “GF11-04”) entered the initial target orbit as planned, and a network with Gaofen-11 01, 02 and 03 will be added to “improve the efficiency of Earth observation and make greater contributions fo

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