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Forum News/Update or Report Error Function, Post Here

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hello, its been a while since old time since we online, and thanx to all supporter, donator and member , We finally can move to a better platform.

Just for note, We still run in MINIMAL/BASIC mode, no additional function, we need to know the performance for our new forum for couple days/weeks so we can make more adjustment

so PLEASE, add some thought and critics or maybe some bug as you surf on this forum


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LOL, as stated by admin, we still run in minimal mode, without modification, sure hide bbcode will be added soon

@Bruce1807, grey and white, nice color I think, what do you think better than this?

i see, my bad XD guess it was meant for reminding XD

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I don't like this new upgrade of the forum.

The older version was ok because it had a black background colour that was ok.

Now it looks less atractive. :(

I dont like the new posts window.

It is something that I don't enjoy so much to this new layout, but I can't describe it........ : ;)

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some one prefer white, and others prefer black, someone wants X and someone wants Z, I cant accept all in the same time, ehehehe

for the new post windows, its use ckeditor


which IMHO, better than before,

maybe you need to take sometimes to get used to this, regards,

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Some of my posts containing images didnt transfer over very well.

Have tried editing previous post as images got screwed up,

edits were unsuccessful though? is the editing function working

correctly or is it the images or source of images at fault?

Check posts:

UCL Depth Map - Free Standalone for Research and Non Commercial Use

KML Builder - Version 1.0.6 (Beta) FREE or Donate

Any Thoughts

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