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  1. Hello, I was looking for a solution for a broken Search Window in ArcGIS and found your question from 2013. It appears to be the same problem based on the picture and your description. Did you ever find a solution? Thank you! 

  2. Use ArcMap Raster calculator and input this formula: SetNull( "Input raster" == 0, "Input raster" ). This is for ArcGIS 10, 10.1, these versions use Python syntax. For 9.3 use square brackets at input raster
  3. Landsat data are already orthorectified as far as i know.. http://www.usgs.gov/newsroom/article.asp?ID=1425
  4. I have not found a solution, but I found this instead: http://resources.arcgis.com/gallery/file/arcobjects-net-api/details?entryID=37F638DC-1422-2418-34F7-B02870B51239
  5. I tried other tools but same thing. I don't know what cause this, because it was not always the same. In ArcCatalog is working fine
  6. When i search for a tool it will not show the first tool, that "1" is not where is it supposed to be. I have SP1 installed, i make a clean install, so i don't know what else should i do. I don't want to reinstall the OS unless there is no other solution for this. I can't use search as it is now.
  7. I have this broken search window in ArcGIS 10.1. Please if you know how to resolve this let me know. I deleted the normal.mxt from AppData so i don't know what else should i do http://s17.postimage...oken_window.jpg
  8. Check if your password was stolen :sad: LeakedIn: Is your password safe?
  9. can't wait! the UI looks so good
  10. Is not related to license, is because you have to many topology errors.Try to make multiple geodatabases from your original.I get this kind of error in ArcGIS 9.3 so is not realted to the version of software your using.
  11. There is a nice tool in image analysis window that can measure height of buildings from oblic images,but i need to wait until 10.1 is out. http://video.esri.com/watch/678/road-ahead-_dash_-imagery
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