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  2. Hello There! Would like to share this link for those interested to code in python and make maps =) http://sensitivecities.com/so-youd-like-to-make-a-map-using-python-EN.html I was able to create 300 of these maps in 2 hours after reading this. =) Also done this to visualize the extent of damage due to storm surges brought about byTyphoon Haiyan (Yolanda in our country name) in Tacloban City, Eastern Samar.
  3. right. hope it puts a lot of bluetooth profiles and protocols with it. =) especially Message Access Profiles =) very useful if you ask me =)
  4. actually they changed every LOGO. I was surprised to see the yahoo groups page interface and logo while logging as admin in one of our groups.=)
  5. well it looks promising , it soo llight ^^ will show you an example later. for now, i am using openlayers http://iesmanila.com/lgis
  6. Familiar with Openlayers but needed a more lightweight solution? Try Leaflet as your portrayal service comrades ^^ http://leafletjs.com/
  7. arcsump

    KML to WKT

    don't worry i'm quite comfortable with coding, but i seem surprised that a few(?) people seem to notice that there is a need to do such. Otherwise i will import data to Qgis and copy the tables. Thanks anyways^^
  8. arcsump

    KML to WKT

    AS the title suggests, how do we do this without manually doing it? ^^ suggestions are welcome ^^ thanks
  9. it depends if you are to serve the spatial data on the server, you can check Geoserver.
  10. I thought this was a question? Bur in that case lemme comment on the 64 bit using a 32 bit program. If you opt to use a 32 bit program on a 64 bit os, chances are you get POORER performance than when you run it on a 32 bit OS. This is because the 64 bit system uses an abstraction layer to mimic the 32 bit system ,much like a virtual drive. 'S So, unless you all use 64 bit programs , stick to the 32 bit OS,
  11. we should also thank the creator of Linux, who died months after him.
  12. as a side comment, if someone makes for mac and it's as good as Arc, omg that it a boom! little porting and it will encompass its UNIX cousins (fedora , linux) and ANDROID!
  13. yup. and if possible create a dummy email just for that accounts =)
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