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I am not able to view in the page  "View New Content" for couple of months, for the time past i thought that may be there is no new content, Page screenshot is as below

I also can not go to the shoutbox too screenshot as below
Thanks in advance

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old post resulted from some data from different platform script, before now, we use different kind of open source forum script, so emoticon changed, so some smilies are not working anymore, ;)


running out text, ehm could be template issue, I will try to contact admin to update it :)


ehm, I use Tapatalk which is free and more easy to maintain forum, you should try it, :)


actually there is a newer version of forum , I will talk to admin to upgrade it, maybe it will short some bug in this current version ^_^

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  • Administrators

Hello, sorry for the delay, just have a time to upgrade our forum to the latest version :D

there are some internal issue here that still exist and I really don't have time yet to solve it -_-

but, I hope you still njoy our little forum


please post here if you find any weird things or error,


okay, that's all for today, back to real life and jobs B)

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Can't send private messages (Fatal error: Call to a member function PMQuickForm() on a non-object in ../applications/members/modules_public/ajax/messenger.php on line 356)


Profiles are broken (Fatal error: Call to a member function field_entry() on a non-object in ../applications/core/extensions/usercpForms.php on line 1392)



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