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  1. Great ! Looking forward to see changes and functionalities. darksabersan.
  2. Hi sloupeap, Welcome on board! Feel free to share with our community your knowledge and your experience. darksabersan.
  3. Hi

    Hi profetadelnopal, It's the right place to be! Enjoy!! darksabersan
  4. Is there anyone who planned to attend the conference? I really want to give a try with the GNSS. darksabersan.
  5. No one! :lol: darksabersan.
  6. Hi Masmosh and welcome on board !! You will found tonnes of useful information over here. Enjoy our community! darksabersan.
  7. 90% is maybe a bit optimistic and anyway, whatever software you are going to use, some readjustment has to be performed behind. I've tested in the past the version 6 of VRMesh and it was quite hard to do. Not sure about the new release and I can just guess that they have bring improvement. Personally I love Global Mapper. darksabersan.
  8. Welcome on board simmi0001 !! Enjoy our community. darksabersan.
  9. That's an amazing news. Thanks mate! darksabersan.
  10. Since 3 weeks, we have a Trimble R7 GNSS / R7 / 5700 as a permanent GPS Station. Quite impressive device. Thanks for this Info! darksabersan.
  11. Absolutely agree. Welcome on board firvain! darksabersan.
  12. Welcome on board mixaanderson! darksabersan.
  13. TopoMapCreator (beta) A set of GIS tools that helps creating topographic map TopoMapCreatorThe TopoMapCreator consists of of 5 Programs: MapCreator, GeoToolsCmd, TopoMap, EcwToMobile and ExtendedMapCreator. More information for example about how to install it, you find under TopoMapCreator. Now read, what the 5 Programs are doing: 1. ExtendedMapCreatorExtendedMapCreator is a Desktop-Program, that creates "Topographic Maps" from OSM, NASA and ESA. You simply define a map extent by dragging over a browsable word map, click on start and wait till the GeoTIFF, ECW, GALILEO, ORUXMAPS or NAVIMAP files got created. ExtendedMapCreator is based on the Mapnik-Renderer, nevertheless all data downloading and processing is fully automatic. Click on ExtendedMapCreator to read more about the Program! 2. MapCreatorMapCreator is a GIS toolset. The tools have the common goal to create Topographic Maps. Currently it consists of 10 tools: The GeoreferencingTool georeferences scanned map series. The EcwHillshaderTool adds hillshades to a map. The SrtmHillshadesTool creates hillshades. The EcwToMobileTool converts a map to a Smartphone App Format. The GeonamesToShapeTool creates a shapefile from a GeoNames file. The ShapeToOsmTool creates an OSM file from shapefiles. The WarpEcwTool warps (reprojects) huge maps. The RussianMapsCreatorTool downloads and processes Russian maps. The QgisToEcwTool makes a Print-Screen of a qGis view. The USGSTopoMapTool downloads and processes USGS maps. Click on any of the tools to know more about it! 3. GeoToolsCmdGeoToolsCmd provides the same GIS toolset as the MapCreator, but accessible over the Command-Prompt. With GeoToolsCmd it is possible to write batch files. 4. TopoMapTopoMap is simple Desktop-Program to download specific Maps. 5. EcwToMobileEcwToMobile is a simple Desktop-Program to convert an ECW file to a Mobile App Format. The program is redundant to the EcwToMobileTool. darksabersan.
  14. According to the Article 50 of the European Union Treaty: - If a State which has withdrawn from the Union asks to rejoin, its request shall be subject to the procedure referred in Article 49. To summarize, a return is possible. darksabersan.
  15. "The British people have made the very clear decision to take a different path and as such I think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction." Well, 52 / 48 % is not really clear decision in my opinion and this a free choice from the UK citizen. "In an emotional speech on Friday, UK Prime Minister Cameron, who led the campaign to remain in Europe to defeat, after promising the referendum in 2013, said he would leave office by October." Prime Minister Cameron can blame himself because he initiates this referendum and he criticize the role and the decisions applied by Brussels. Anyway Europe had to change and this will force them to think differently how Europe should be. Bye, bye UK. darksabersan.