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  1. Hi baobab and welcome on board ! darksabersan.
  2. This is the best way to avoid general failure on your system and blue screen.. darksabersan.
  3. The second way is to use VB Scripts which allows you to have full control and work perfectly by combining Lurker link and this one. https://desktop.arcgis.com/en/arcmap/10.3/map/working-with-text/about-building-label-expressions.htm darksabersan.
  4. Before loading your data in QGIS, from the "Browser Panel" or directly with QGIS Browser, you can control the metadata and check the coordinate system of the layer. darksabersan.
  5. You rock EmperoR ! darksabersan.
  6. I have been out for a while... Now it is time to come back ! Love the new framework, very great. darksabersan.
  7. Great ! Looking forward to see changes and functionalities. darksabersan.
  8. Hi sloupeap, Welcome on board! Feel free to share with our community your knowledge and your experience. darksabersan.
  9. Hi

    Hi profetadelnopal, It's the right place to be! Enjoy!! darksabersan
  10. Is there anyone who planned to attend the conference? I really want to give a try with the GNSS. darksabersan.
  11. No one! :lol: darksabersan.
  12. Hi Masmosh and welcome on board !! You will found tonnes of useful information over here. Enjoy our community! darksabersan.
  13. 90% is maybe a bit optimistic and anyway, whatever software you are going to use, some readjustment has to be performed behind. I've tested in the past the version 6 of VRMesh and it was quite hard to do. Not sure about the new release and I can just guess that they have bring improvement. Personally I love Global Mapper. darksabersan.
  14. Welcome on board simmi0001 !! Enjoy our community. darksabersan.
  15. That's an amazing news. Thanks mate! darksabersan.